Details are still coming in about Brandon Raub’s being taken into custody by Chesterfield County, VA police & FBI agents. Please share & tag this photo to spread the word & help us to free Brandon Raub!!!

Here is a petition to Obama for his release, please go sign!!! 

Here is an interview with his mother from August 17 –

Here is the Facebook support group page to join for now! 

I will keep posting updates to this description portion of the graphic, as I find out in what ways we can help, but I wanted to get awareness raised as soon as possible, please share this graphic to show & gain support for a true American!!!



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  1. Brandon has every right to stand up for his beliefs..its our own Govt that is killing off our rights…screw that people need to stand up for their rights and be heard!

  2. It doesn’t feel like America anymore when they take away freedom of speech.

  3. Read Dean Koontz’s book, Dark Rivers of the Heart. Decades old, but clearly showed what was happening way before this incident.

    We are fast turning into a country where we can disappear if your comments hit too close to home.

  4. We can not stand alone remember we must stand together for what we know be in the know

  5. This sounds like what Kentucky did to me!!!!!! This has been going on for a very, long time!!!!!! You’re just picking up on this? Kenneth G. Shaw,- LaGrange, Kentucky 40031. P.S.,- I agree, AmeriKa is Evil!!!!!!

  6. This is absolutely insane! But then again I have been telling my friends for years that — “We do not live in a free country, the government controls everything, lies tells us what they want us to hear and is worse than Russia as far as monitoring us at every turn — cell phone and on star trackers so they know where we are always. My heart goes out to your family. It’s time the people of this country pull their heads out of the sand. Thank you for sharing this story!


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