Inmates Treated Inhumanely – Denied Showers For Over 40 Days. | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Marshall D. Culpepper The Jeenyus Corner ** UPDATE ** 7/11/2013 6:15 pm After speaking with my co-worker today, I realized that I was incorrect about the correctional facility that the events occurred at.  Her son is serving time at the Ridgeland Correctional Institution.  I will get the full story and all the details over the […]

Government Cover-up of Ammo Buys Implodes | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Silence, secrecy and shoddy attempts at debunking the facts have led to Congressional scrutiny THE JEENYUS CORNER By Steve Watson The failure on behalf of the federal government to provide any explanation for why the Department of Homeland Security is arming to the teeth with high-powered weapons and billions of hollow point bullets, as well […]

New Xbox Reportedly Won’t Let You Play (Unless It Can Spy On You) | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Adan Salazar People throughout the world could soon be voluntarily outfitting their homes with indefinitely active cameras, infrared sensors and microphones if they purchase Microsoft’s new Xbox video game console, slated for release sometime next year. According to leaked screen captures, the new console, codenamed “Durango,” will be “Always On, Always […]

Department of Education Promotes Mao Zedong | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Quote by Greatest Mass Murderer in History Pushed on NCES “Kids’ Zone” Website THE JEENYUS CORNER By Melissa Melton The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) “Kids’ Zone” website quoted mass murderer Chairman Mao Zedong for its “The Quote of the Day” earlier today. Buzzfeed posted a screenshot of the initial quote: Apparently, NCES took […]

SC State Senator Lee Bright Featured On Glenn Beck | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Could this be the man that defeats Lindsey Graham? THE JEENYUS CORNER A couple of weeks ago, Glenn started a movement…Operation Defeat Lindsey Graham. He offered airtime to any conservative candidate willing to run against Senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. In a state like South Carolina, there’s no excuse to have a progressive Republican […]

Reuters: Test of anthrax vaccine in children gets tentative OK | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Sharon Begley A presidential ethics panel has opened the door to testing an anthrax vaccine on children as young as infants, bringing an angry response from critics who say the children would be guinea pigs in a study that would never help them and might harm them. The report, however, released […]

Colorado sheriff says new state gun laws won’t be enforced | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER Weld County Sheriff John Cooke won’t enforce new state gun measures expected to be signed into law by Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, arguing the proposed firearms restrictions give a “false sense of security.” Lawmakers in Colorado on Friday approved a landmark expansion of background checks on firearm purchases. Earlier in the week, […]

St. Patty’s Police State In North Carolina Nets 100 Charges | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Marshall D. Culpepper THE JEENYUS CORNER Police in North Carolina are using the excuse of cracking down on drunk drivers this Saint Patrick’s Day weekend to set up constitutional check points without a warrant. Performing warrant-less searches a Saturday night checkpoint along Sharon Amity Road netted slew of people. Thirteen were charged with driving while impaired. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police charged […]

Did Author Mark Dice Curse Rapper Lil Wayne? | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Marshall D. Culpepper THE JEENYUS CORNER Pro-Illuminati rapper, Lil Wayne, was recently hospitilized after suffering from a seizure.  Paparazzi pros at TMZ Reported that the musical performer was in “Critical Condition” and had been placed in the ICU after suffering an overdose on illegal drugs.  National media outlets have reported that TMZ’s account is false and that Wayne […]

Just in: Rand Paul wins 2013 CPAC presidential straw poll | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Voters At CPAC 2013 Stand With Rand THE JEENYUS CORNER Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky won the presidential straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. Paul won with 25% of the vote and finished slightly ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. In third place was former senator and presidential candidate Rick […]

Deputy Accused Of Assaulting Teenage Driver | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER CHARLESTON, SC — A Charleston County deputy has been arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge after authorities say he punched a teen during a November traffic stop. State Law Enforcement Division agents took 27-year-old Christopher Davis into custody Friday. Investigators say Davis pulled over 19-year-old Devante Pittman on Nov. 11 for not […]

Gabby Giffords’ AR-15 | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Kurt Nimmo Earlier this week, a Tucson, Arizona, radio talk show host posted a photo of former Congressman Gabby Giffords posing with the dreaded AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. The photo was taken in October, 2010, prior to Giffords suffering a near fatal gun wound to the head during a political event in […]

CIA says al-Qaeda in Syria requires a drone response | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Kurt Nimmo The CIA is preparing to strike al-Qaeda in Syria, according to the Los Angeles Times. “President Obama has not authorized drone missile strikes in Syria, however, and none are under consideration,” the newspaper reports. But the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center behind drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen “shifted several targeting […]

Drone Spotted Over Austin at SXSW | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER While interviewing actor Daniel Sunjata, Infowars spotted a drone hovering over Austin’s famous Sixth Street during the SXSW festival. Could this be an ominous indicator of what’s to come? As reporter Darrin McBreen notes, Congress has already signed a bill allowing the Federal Aviation Administration to permit the use of drones – […]

FBI’s ‘National Security Letters’ Demands Ruled Unconstitutional | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Eyder Peralta A federal judge in California ruled today that the FBI cannot secretly demand data from banks and phone companies in national security cases. The judge said orders that keep those requests secret violate the First Amendment. NPR’s Carrie Johnson filed this report for our Newscast unit: “The demands known […]

Jim Tucker: One-World Mouthpieces Continue Slandering Iran, Pushing War | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By James P. Tucker Jr. • Bilderberger says Obama going to Israel to ask for “new beginning” President Obama, who takes dictation from Bilderberg, has done an about-face. After having been critical of Israel’s expansionist wars in the past, he is visiting Israel for the first time March 20 to grovel apologies. […]

Ben Swann Interviews Ron Paul About His Upcoming Event In Cincinnati | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER Ben Swann talks to Dr. Ron Paul about his upcoming keynote address at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, April 6, 2013. Related articles Robber Gets More Than Bargained For When He Held Up Armed Senior Citizen | THE JEENYUS CORNER ( Ron Paul: Congress, Drones, and The Imperial […]

Robber Gets More Than Bargained For When He Held Up Armed Senior Citizen | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Robber Confronts 81-Year-Old Man and Demands ‘Everything You Got’… What He Had Was a .38-Caliber Revolver THE JEENYUS CORNER By Jason Howerton As he was driving home on Sunday night, 81-year-old Florida resident James Stevens said he knew something was amiss after he realized a 2010 Kia had been following him for about 20 minutes. […]

Brooklyn neighborhood on police lockdown following protest | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER Police intervened when more than a hundred people joined in a candlelit vigil in the East Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, where 16-year-old Kimani Gray was shot 11 times by police on Saturday. Brooklynites on Twitter reported that police followed the march and searched apartment buildings in the neighborhood without warrants, […]

Ron Paul: Congress, Drones, and The Imperial Presidency | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Ron Paul Last week the US Senate took a break from debating the phony cuts known as “sequestration,” for Senator Rand Paul to hold a 13-hour filibuster to force the Obama administration to state whether it believes the President has the right to kill American citizens with drones on US soil. […]

Large Crowd Of Nearly 300 Attend Constitutional Carry Hearing In Upstate South Carolina | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Marshall D. Culpepper THE JEENYUS CORNER *Last Updated 11:55am  3/12/2013 Around 300 people were on hand for the Constitutional Carry Act Hearing in Greenville, SC. The hearing was held in the Greenville County Council chambers yesterday evening. Citizens were able to voice their support or concerns over proposed legislation that would allow South Carolina residents […]

Coming Out: Is SC Ready for its First “Openly Gay” Senator | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Joshua Cook Move over Sen. Lee Bright and Sen. Tom Davis, Bruce Carroll aka @GayPatriot is “coming out” to challenge Sen. Lindsey Graham in 2014. This is not a publicity stunt like Stephen Colbert running for president of South Carolina-this is the real deal. Today reports, “Bruce Carroll announced his […]

Judge Puts Breaks On Bloomberg’s Beverage Ban In New York | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Judge Halts New York City Soda Ban THE JEENYUS CORNER By Michael Howard Saul A state judge on Monday stopped Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration from banning the sale of large sugary drinks at New York City restaurants and other venues, a major defeat for a mayor who has made public-health initiatives a cornerstone of his […]

Sen. Lee Bright To Host Hearing On Proposed Open Carry Law | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Felicia Kitzmiller Sen. Lee Bright will host a public hearing at 7 p.m. Today in Greenville on a bill to eliminate concealed carry weapon permits and turn South Carolina into an “open carry” state. Bright, R-Roebuck, is traveling around the state conducting public hearings for Senate Bill 115. The bill would […]

How the Establishment Press Got Rand Paul Wrong | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Conor Friedersdorf When Rand Paul emerged on the national scene in 2010, staffers at places like The Cato Institute and Reason backed him more enthusiastically than any other U.S. Senate candidate. Like all Tea Party-affiliated pols, Paul favored smaller government, tax cuts, and free-market reforms. Unlike Marco Rubio or Christine O’Donnell, […]

Eleanor Clift Accuses Rand Paul Of Treason | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Eleanor Clift: Rand Paul “Trying To Stir A Revolt Against The U.S. Government” THE JEENYUS CORNER On this weekend’s broadcast of The McLaughlin Group, regular liberal panelist Eleanor Clift accused Senator Rand Paul of trying to “stir a revolt against the U.S. government.” ELEANOR CLIFT: I’m with John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who basically said […]

F*** The Police: DOGGY STYLE – Cop Car Owned By Pit-Bull | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER This officer got more than he bargained for when a group of dogs attacked his car, ripping the front bumper off of his police cruiser. Related articles Stand With Rand Trending Out Of Control On Twitter | THE JEENYUS CORNER ( 8-year-old girl handcuffed, jailed for two hours | THE JEENYUS CORNER […]

Heritage Foundation: Still Neocon Whoring | THE JEENYUS CORNER

“CONSERVATIVE” THINK TANK CAN’T SHED ITS INTERVENTIONIST STREAK THE JEENYUS CORNER We had hoped Jim DeMint’s decision to leave the U.S. Senate and take the reins of the Heritage Foundation would result in a shift in that organization’s support for the mindless (and unnecessary) expansion of the American military industrial complex. Apparently not … […]

Gore’s Al Jazeera Deal Now a Major Scandal | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Cliff Kincaid While the lawsuit over the sale of Al Gore’s Current TV to Al Jazeera is making headlines, a close reading of the legal complaint provides additional evidence that a congressional investigation into the curious transaction is urgently needed and necessary. The media executive who claims to have arranged the […]

Shocking email: Dems threaten Colo. sheriffs’ salaries over gun control | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Michael Dorstewitz The Colorado gun debate is heating up. Companies are threatening to move, rape victims are ridiculed for testifying in committee hearings that they desire guns for self-protection, and potential victims are instructed to rely on rape whistles and call boxes. Now the state’s sheriffs have entered the fray, expressing support […]

FORBES: 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It’s Time For A National Conversation | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Ralph Benko The Denver Post, on February 15th, ran an Associated Press article entitled Homeland Security aims to buy 1.6b rounds of ammo, so far to little notice.  It confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security has issued an open purchase order for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.  As reported elsewhere, […]

Facebook Gears Up For News Feed Redesign Despite Negative Opinions | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Facebook Shows Off News Feed Redesign THE JEENYUS CORNER By Somini Sengupta MENLO PARK, Calif. — Hoping to tame the blizzard of information that has turned off many users and discouraged some advertisers, Facebook on Thursday unveiled a major makeover of the home page that greets users when they log into the site. The new […]

Romney’s Older Sibling To Run For Senate? | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Mitt Romney’s older brother interested in Levin’s seat THE JEENYUS CORNER LANSING — The older brother of presidential candidate Mitt Romney is interested in running for the Michigan Senate seat being vacated by Carl Levin in 2014. A state GOP official said Friday that Scott Romney, 71, is exploring his options with potential supporters. The […]

Has Gun Ownership in American Homes Really Decreased This Dramatically? | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Billy Hallowell As the debate over gun rights continues in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, there’s some interesting — and dueling — research emerging about Americans and firearms. According to a report in the New York Times, gun ownership in U.S. homes has allegedly declined dramatically over […]

So Much For The “Pledge To America” | THE JEENYUS CORNER

GOP ABANDONS ITS PROMISES IN VOTE ON CONTINUING RESOLUTION THE JEENYUS CORNER By Robert Romano When Republicans won the House of Representatives in 2010, largely thanks to the inspired efforts of grassroots conservatives and tea party activists, they made a so-called “Pledge to America” that this time would be different. They pledged that this would not be […]

Researcher: Zombie fads peak when society unhappy | THE JEENYUS CORNER

THE JEENYUS CORNER By Meg Kinnard Zombies seem to be everywhere these days. In the popular TV series “The Walking Dead,” humans struggle to escape from a pack of zombies hungry for flesh. Prank alerts have warned of a zombie apocalypse on radio stations in a handful of states. And across the country, zombie wannabes […]