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Inmates Treated Inhumanely – Denied Showers For Over 40 Days. | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Overhead view of McCormick Correctional Institute.  McCormick, South Carolina.  (photo via Google Earth)

Overhead view of McCormick Correctional Institute. McCormick, South Carolina. (photo via Google Earth)

Marshall D. Culpepper
The Jeenyus Corner

** UPDATE ** 7/11/2013 6:15 pm

After speaking with my co-worker today, I realized that I was incorrect about the correctional facility that the events occurred at.  Her son is serving time at the Ridgeland Correctional Institution.  I will get the full story and all the details over the weekend.

I was too tired to type this yesterday, but I heard something quite disturbing from a co-worker of mine. She has a son who is currently serving time at the McCormick Correctional Institution in McCormick, SC. There are reports from inmates about inhumane treatment and unsanitary living conditions.

McCormick ChappelAccording to one inmate’s mother (my co-worker), there is an outbreak of staph infection, which is likely due to and certainly worsened by the fact that inmates are being denied any cleaning supplies and equipment.  Essentially being forced to live in their own filth, having been allowed one shower in the past 40 days or more.  The harsh treatment is allegedly in response to a protest turned riot, after inmates objected to living conditions at the facility.

Ironically, the SC Dept. of Corrections issued a press release today titled “SCDC Providing More Cost-Effective Medical Services”.  The press release pertains to a policy change regarding HIV Positive Inmates.  I am inclined to ponder what their policy is on treatment for inmates with Staph infections, however I am certain that allowing inmates to clean their dorms and shower would do wonders in stopping the further spread of any type of infection with the exception of HIV and other STD’s.

If the unsanitary living conditions weren’t enough, there also have been claims from inmates that canned food which has been fed to the facility’s population is marked “NOT for Human Consumption.”  And the amount of food being served does not provide appropriate nourishment to sustain the health of an adult human being.

The prison is currently over populated, with a general population capacity of 885 but housing 1,000.  McCormick Correctional (which has a history of violence) is the second most overpopulated prison in the entire state. With a total population of 1,254 (109.7% occupancy),  The McCormick Correction Institute is second only to the Tyger River facility (110.1% occupancy), while there are many prisons in the state operating under capacity.  One facility, Trenton Correctional, is even operating at only 61.2%.  This particular institution, unlike McCormick, is not a maximum security facility.

I’m trying to set up an interview with the inmate’s mom, who happens to work for the same company I do.  Stay tuned for the interview and more details as they develop.


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Marshall is a Husband, and father of two children. He resides in upstate, South Carolina.


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