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Viva La Revolution: I Stand With Rand, and My Fellow Americans | THE JEENYUS CORNER

stand with rand - yoda


By Angie Davidson
The Unconventional Conservative

Not much to say tonight, other than the fact that I “stand with Rand” and I am incredibly proud to be an American and to see my fellow Americans waking up to see what has become of our great country…and that only we can fix it. Rand Paul has done a phenomenal job of standing upon principal and brought other to his side that have realized that tyranny has no place in a Constitutional Republic,

I have been afraid. I took this blog down, in order to protect my children. However, and even my kids would say, without this voice, we no longer have freedom. To be afraid of our government is to enslave ourselves. I would be a HORRIBLE mother and role model if I were allow myself to be cowed by tyranny, in whatever form it came.

I am amazed and flabbergasted to see my fellow Americans, liberal and conservative. come together to protest the acceptance of a government who is okay with assassinating its own citizens without due process. Peace and much love to you all.

I leave you with Ron Paul’s, “What If” speech, and ask that you truly listen, read, and understand it. Viva la Revolution. You can bring peace to this world, if you work together. I am with you…I want a future for my children that doesn’t involve useless wars and Orwellian laws.




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