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Tea Party Revival: Thousands Show Up for Day of Resistance Rally | THE JEENYUS CORNER


By Joshua Cook

Greenville, S.C. – An estimated crowd of 1500-2000 showed up this morning (yesterday)  for a Day of Resistance Rally in Greenville, S.C. The patriotic crowd gathered today to take a stand against federal and state legislation that is encroaching on individual rights.

Many speakers spoke out against these bills and called protesters to action. Russ Cassell, host of The Russ Cassell Show which can be listened on WORD 106.3FM, emceed the event. SC House Representative Bill Chumley and Dr. Thomas Kendall, President Elect Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, spoke about Chumley’s bill that seeks to nullify ObamaCare. Home school parent Chad Patterson called people to action to fight against a bill that would put heavy requirements on home school families. Tom Corbin, spoke about his fight in the SC Senate to protect gun rights in SC by passing the SC Unorganized Militia bill that would prevent the federal government from confiscating weapons from gun owners.

Ashley Landess, President South Carolina Policy Council, had a fiery speech about transparency and accountability in the state house. Jesse Graston, SC Coordinator JBS, gave a passionate speech about getting involved as citizens to take back our country and return it to its first principles. SC Senator Lee Bright, a Tea Party favorite gave a passionate plea for citizens to get involved, hold politicians accountable, and vote for candidates that will uphold and protect the US constitution without compromise.

Harry Kibler, Founder of RINO Hunt (Republican In Name Only) ended the rally with a call for voters to replace Republicans when they compromise conservative principles. He urged SC legislators to protect citizens against the central government that usurps power from the states and encouraged them to repudiate the notion of “the supremacy clause” that takes away state’s rights. He challenged law makers to return to the Constitution as the founders intended, not a “leftist” interpretation of a “living, breathing” document that constantly changes with the times.

Many at the rally received information on how citizens can get involved with precinct reorganization for the Republican Party and return it to its conservative roots. Organizers at the rally passed out “call to action” brochures to contact their representatives, and demand them to limit government control, oppose any bills that encroach on individual freedoms, and support bills that will expand personal liberty. Organizers urged protester to go towww.ProtectUsNow.org for more information.




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