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Erik Garcés: UNDENIABLE – You’re not supposed to know | THE JEENYUS CORNER


By Erik Garcés

These are some undeniable truths of life that you must understand if you intend to preserve what little individual liberty remains. Like the periodic table of elements, these are not subject to interpretation, they remain inviolable and have been so for all time. 

  1. The world is governed by the aggressive use of force. Such behavior is only checked by the relative possibility of an effective violent response.
  2. All governance is by consent of the governed; how that consent is generated is immaterial. The State in saying so, does not make it so. The masters of the State amount to no more than a fraction of a percent. Government has never maintained law and order, society is self regulating. For those who mean to rule, their greatest weapon against the populace is that the people themselves do not understand this and instead demand “order”.
  3. The relative level of individual liberty present in a given society is directly related to how well educated, informed and engaged that population is. People always get the government they deserve. Liberty once lost is rarely regained, and when if even possible: the price is always in blood.
  4. Peace does not exist because of the absence of conflict, it is because of the ability to successfully resist aggression. The prime reason anyone wishes to disarm others is so that they may impose their will upon them without consequence. Individual liberty cannot coexist where a government demands a monopoly on the legitimate use of force.
  5. How much money you earn, how much respect you command is directly proportional to how easily you are replaced.
  6. Power corrupts, but the corrupt seek power. Beware those who insist they know what’s best for you better than you yourself. These people are responsible for atrocities throughout history because their belief system allows them to impose their will upon you without a guilty conscience.
  7. Livestock are permitted to range free because it makes them more productive. The illusion of individual liberty is permitted to exist only while the system is productive, because when lacking effectiveness, force always emerges.
  8. Control over the understanding of history permits control over perceptions of the present. Mankind is 10,000 years old and human nature does not change; there are no new social problems. A crisis encountered in modern society is frequently a contrived one to direct populations toward predetermined solutions. Facing an issue without understanding this means you will have to relearn from your own mistakes. Its easier to learn from the errors of others in the past.
  9. Liberty is unpopular because it requires responsibility. Dependence is an easy sell when the majority does not place value on individual rights because they are uniformed, miseducated and disengaged. This dependence on others breeds their contempt and forces your subservience.
  10. Reality does not require your acceptance. Denial will not allow you to avoid consequences.



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