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Marines Peform ‘Mock Assault’ on Small Town Airfield in South Carolina | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Ashley Air Field

Marshall D. Culpepper

Honea Path, South Carolina- Residents of Honea Path, South Carolina were startled on Saturday evening by the sound of war.   The US Marines performed a “mock assault” at a small Airstrip known as Ashley Airfield in the small Upstate town.  The Boy Scouts of America Troop 54 of nearby Due West, SC encouraged people to observe the exercises, which took place between 8pm and 10 pm.

At this time, not much is known about the exercise, but many residents sounding off on Facebook reported seeing “Blue Flashes” and also hearing “machine gun fire and explosions”.  The BSA Troop 54 Described the event as:  “..a chance to see the Marines in action using the tactics learned these weeks.” and stressed that it was not a “theatrical performance”.

To make the BSA association with the event seem even more odd, Troop 54 posted a reminder on their Facebook Page to their members on Feb. 3rd, to: “Please wear clothes that can get fake blood on them to the meeting!” for a “Mass Casualty Exercise”.  They proclaimed that the activity would be “fun”.  It is unknown if the BSA Troop played the role of casualties for the Marine’s “Assault” on Ashley Air Field

Troop 54- mass casualties

This is one of multiple recent Marine exercises in the state of South Carolina.  The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit recently “invaded” the town of Ridgeland, in Jasper County, SC.

The exercise in Ridgeland was said to be  in preparation for “deployment to Mediterranean and African shores”.

Many gun rights activists are becoming increasingly suspicious of military exercises taking place in their own back yards.  Fears of gun confiscations by federal forces are increasing as the President’s administration continues it’s anti-second amendment rhetoric.


About Marshall D. Culpepper

Marshall is a Husband, and father of two children. He resides in upstate, South Carolina.


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