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SC Bureau of Protective Services Patty Wagon at Pro-gun Rally | THE JEENYUS CORNER

BPS-SC Rally

Bureau of Protection Services had a patty wagon on standby for peaceful pro-gun rally in Columbia, SC. 1/19/2013
Photo: Marshall D. Culpepper

Marshall D. Culpepper

Patriots and gun owners alike turned out for a peaceful rally outside the State House in Columbia on Saturday.  I attended the event, which included as a speaker Senator Lee Bright, with an online friend of mine.  When we arrived on the state house grounds there was a noticeable presence of law enforcement, which we expected.

Before the event was set to begin, My buddy and I had set out to find a nearby public restroom after the long drive down when we noticed a peculiar sight:  A Bureau of Protective Services patty wagon was staged about a block and a half away from the back of the State House in South Carolina.

#libertyNEVERsleeps on YouTube

When we returned to the state house, the crowd had swelled to hundreds and speakers were getting ready to kick things off.  The crowd wasn’t the only thing that grew larger.  Armed government officers had also increased their presence by more than double.

I had put it out of my mind and thought nothing of it until one lady started to become agitated and spit on the news camera.

I really took pause when one guy at the rally said:

“The second amendment isn’t for hunting, it’s for shooting law enforcement in the face.”

Now while I somewhat agree, when the law being enforced is TYRANNY, defending against the tyrant is more than OK.

I just don’t know if it was wise to phrase it like that when there were dozens of armed government muscle present, with a patty wagon on standby.

Thank God the event was peaceful, but it was clear that big brother was prepared to (ab)use force if provoked.


About Marshall D. Culpepper

Marshall is a Husband, and father of two children. He resides in upstate, South Carolina.


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