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Erik Garcés: Authority- Difficult To Enforce When You’re Outnumbered | THE JEENYUS CORNER



By Erik Garcés

Part Four in a series –
Solutions from the Opposite Consciousness
(Previous Parts:  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 )

The curse of knowledge. The term was coined by Robin Hogarth to describe a cognitive bias stemming from the awareness of something. Research in psychology shows it then becomes difficult to not know it. For example, you’re working and someone whistles a tune you hate. All day long that song is dancing around your head and you’re annoyed because of it. More on this in a moment.

In the past I’ve been criticized for promoting the idea that withdrawal of consent of the governed was too passive. Or that non violent solutions are unrealistic and naive. I still don’t agree, and would direct the reader to my earlier works to dispel such notions.

Its evident that elections have not and will not work. The courts are an insult to the intelligence of any who pay attention: just a few days ago, a Federal judge agreed with the government that its OK for them to murder or indefinitely detain you without trial.

But it should also be obvious that the use of violence is the absolute worst possible choice. Otto von Bismarck said: “War is the health of the state” and recent history reveals that war is not always soldiers on a battlefield.

The criminals in any illegitimate government thrive on conflict and that’s why I don’t support the Tenth Amendment movement or any “movement” which requires organizing or use of the tools of the State. Boycotts, protests, refusal to comply – this is dangerous stuff and those who engage the power structure this way are likely to be made examples of. The State doesn’t tolerate challenges; even writing like this is becoming dangerous.

Such circumstances dictate a new approach. We will not solve the problems of this society rooted in collectivism with collective action. Solutions must come from the individual – an opposite consciousness from that which created the problem.

In order to use the opposite consciousness from what started the problem we must think differently. Rather than resist in the predictable manner, we must use the same psychological methods used against us and redirect them towards the tools of the state and the criminal elite – their gunslingers and enforcers. After all, they’re human too.

If WE allow Civil War II to kick off, it will be these men and women who’ll deliver the first blows, and consequently they who will suffer the greatest casualties while the elite hide in their shelters, safe from all the chaos you and I will have to endure.

Everything we see in the controlled media concerning the police keeps telling us they’re the good guys. Its mass mind control designed to keep you enthralled with the cops. They’re raised to hero status. Witness how police funerals are handled and how the media never discusses their failures in terms other than one of the individual. A frail human who succumbed to temptation and disappointed us all. We’re allowed to discuss the bad apples, but never to question the system itself. So opposite conciseness: WE run a psy-op. Not a mass message, diffuse and easily ignored but close to home and personal.

Mass media is tightly controlled and doesn’t allow for messages outside of the control structure. Ours is true opposite consciousness because its individually tailored. We don’t need TV commercials or even billboards, because its universal: what goes for the county sheriff in Daytona Beach applies equally to the state policeman in Alaska. Bypassing the mechanisms of mass media, and making it a personal message.

History proves that when loyal oath keepers know the facts, as most are genuinely good people; they stop enforcing the tyranny. The truth is a powerful weapon, our psy-ops don’t have to rely on lies and distortions. All we need do is point out to the police the reality of their existence. Reveal to them what was heretofore undisclosed and what history has taught which they have not been permitted to know.

Never forget this: when someone controls your understanding of history – they can control your perceptions of reality in the present. Think about that long and hard. Its an undeniable truth of life.

People employed in law enforcement will not sleep well at night if they expect the American people to resist attempts to disarm them, or imprison citizens who have committed no crime against natural law. Knowing we out number and out gun them by several orders of magnitude, and when we take into account their preexisting mistrust of the public, this is the curse of knowledge.

If you know any cops personally, or know someone who does, then they should be made to understand this –

  • As members of our communities, we generally know where they live.
  • They MUST answer calls and can never really know what awaits them.

The recent hyper media coverage of an ambush on firefighters and a police officer at the scene of a blaze in Webster, N.Y., was no accident. It was yet another message to public servants: the citizens are to be feared. Cops are already trained to view each person they meet as a potential threat. It weighs heavily on their minds when they arrive at a scene as to what they might encounter.

We need to reinforce those facts to them. We must direct our neighborhood cop to these historical facts.

In 2010 the Egyptian National Police was widely feared as brutal and corrupt. Within days of establishing numerical superiority on the streets, repressed hostility in the average citizen led to many police officers being beaten to death. Some were dragged from their houses and murdered in front of their families. The fear of the average cop in Egypt was such that many discarded their uniforms and fled for their lives.

Egypt was forced to formally acknowledge this loss of moral authority by disbanding the National Police.

This partially explains the swift and violent crackdowns in American cities, lest the protestors begin to overwhelm the cops. After all, even at their greatest concentration they’re really only a tiny fraction of the populace.

There have been two recent incidents where the police were actually defeated – in California and NYC. But if you only paid attention to the corporate controlled media you wouldn’t have heard of them. Both cases saw protestors with improvised body armor from sporting equipment, gas masks and, home made shields from trash cans. They fought back, and were victorious.

Using oven mitts to toss back tear gas grenades, dry chemical fire extinguishers to repel counter attacks, while maneuvering behind massive steel garbage dumpsters on wheels – in both cases these ‘protestors’ were allowed to leave the field of battle by the police who would have otherwise been forced to use firearms.

I have no illusions… the police out gunned them. Wisely, they accepted a tactical loss because they understood the larger issue that if enough sheeple realize the police CAN be defeated, the whole scam is up.

Opening fire on the demonstrators would have negated their ability to hide this defeat and been a public relations nightmare. Their lap dogs in the corporate mind control media acted as the accomplice and imposed black outs on this news and unless you were there, few knew. When video of these incidents makes it to YouTube, its often pulled within days.

I strongly suspect this is a large part of why the “occupy” movement was both co-opted and essentially shut down as it was largely beyond its usefulness to the power structure as a controlled opposition.

But more –
In July and August of 1944 the retreating German Wehrmacht left behind a power vacuum in France. Well supplied with small arms by the Allies, the Maquis extracted a terrible vengeance upon the local Gendarme.

Many of these beat cops were simply “following orders” but few resistance fighters believed in that. If you willingly enforce unjust laws, it will generate violent resistance. Society holds this in check as long as people believe there will be a price extracted, but once the police state slips?

For weeks until advancing British and US forces could put a stop to it, there were French cops swinging from lamp posts, found dead in ditches and worse; sometimes entire families were killed. Criticism of French police forces today as being lax on demonstrators, forgets their institutional memory of the summer of 1944.

Remember, fear is a weapon. Use it. And be sure to understand (this means YOU, the government operative monitoring this) that I am not advocating the use of violence. Everything I stand for is about preventing that. What I am pointing out is that in a nation of 315 million, someone, somewhere, is always out of control. And when the police start acting against the people, some of these irrational people will react violently.

If the police already fear the unknown from a traffic stop, domestic violence call, or report of a disturbance, then help them understand that if they ever try and enforce open tyranny on Americans via gun confiscation, food denial, detention of children, mass arrests, collective punishment or detention of citizens who have not broken a REAL law?

They will face the wrath of an angry and well armed populace which outnumbers and outguns them. And all the fantastic military hardware the federal government provided will not be enough to save them. Sooner or later they will have to go home…

The curse of knowledge will gnaw at them each time the radio crackles with their call sign.

By now you should understand that THIS is the real meaning of the Second Amendment, the one you’re not supposed to know. Only by ensuring the police truly understand that, and by our insistence that they respect their oath will we be able to avoid the Civil War that the criminals in government are deliberately engineering. A war waged to consolidate their power and prevent being held accountable for their crimes when the mathematically unavoidable end of the paper dollar arrives soon enough.

Everyone knows a cop or knows someone who does. Its incumbent upon YOU to be the change you want to see if we’re to avoid the bloodshed that the globalists are trying to provoke. THIS is individual action, non violent and in the opposite consciousness.

More solutions for the individual coming up next.



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