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Erik Garcés: Oathkeepers? Only If You Make Them | THE JEENYUS CORNER


By Erik Garcés

Part Three of a Continuing Series –
Solutions from the Opposite Consciousness. 
(Previous Parts:  Part 1 | Part 2)

There are going to be a lot of people for whom this will go right over their heads. Indeed, it will anger many as well. Its very difficult to break your conditioning, so I understand and won’t be offended when the profanity starts…

I have become deeply frustrated with endless discussions of “the problem”. Indeed, by this point we should all be quite familiar with them and if there was ever a time to begin dealing with it head on, to formulate solutions, then it is NOW.

With serious proposals being made to confiscate privately held weapons, we no longer have the option of polite conversation. That’s a line that a majority of gun owners will not allow to be crossed. If we have any hope at all of stopping this catastrophe before its too late, then we must do something today.

While I am pleased that at last its become evident to many of the sheeple that this government has gone criminal and declared war on its citizens, I am unsurprised that few recognize their buttons are being pushed. People see it borne out publicly over and over by the federal government’s illegal acts, unprecedented unilateral changes to centuries old legal principles, unusual levels of light weapons purchases and the rapid militarization of local police forces.

What isn’t discussed is why can’t people recognize a fear based promotion when they see one? This isn’t about gun control – it’s about provoking confrontations, creating conflict and chaos. Understanding who we’re dealing with and how they maintain power is critical to avoiding their manipulations!

What we see today is a great awakening of the citizens to what was essentially a coup d’état. In the wake of mass shootings at schools, shopping malls, and movie theaters, the controlled media has been apoplectic in its hysteria for gun control. And yet Americans continue to arm themselves at a frantic pace. This arms race is a recipe for bloodshed in the making.

At some point the inertia for Civil War II will be insurmountable as the criminals in government are insistent upon provoking this. The monsters are fearful of loosing power, frightened of being held accountable. And not just the paycheck players we all know, but the REAL power structure. The banking criminals most of all.

Each action they take in law and force is another indicator of their loosing grip on society. History proves that whenever this happens, there is almost always chaos and war. A circumstance they are best prepared to deal with and turn to their advantage.

Our job is to stop that before it happens.

Yet the threat in our midst is one that few see and fewer yet will even acknowledge. You will resist this thought. You will dismiss me as a propagandist. Everything in your soul will scream at you (and then me) that this is bullshit. You will ignore me.

We don’t need to fear martial law enforced by soldiers.

Its the police who are the standing army the Founding Fathers warned us not to tolerate.

Your lifetime of conditioning by at first your parents, then government schools and controlled media has been primarily aimed at making you trust and depend on the State. The cops are the good guys as you’ve been told since you can remember…

After all, many of the good people who enter various policing jobs do so for the sake of genuinely wanting to help their community. They have no idea that what they really do is serve evil. If you think the average citizen is a sheep, the average police officer is even more invested in the system. Mark Twain said it best: “Its easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled.”

Who is the career police officer? He’s conditioned from his academy days to blindly obey whatever absurd directives he’s assigned. Modern police academies don’t screen for intelligence anymore – now its mental aptitude.

The departments are looking for those who will blindly follow orders. Those who do not shy from brutality or express any qualms about detaining people whose guilt is in question get selected first. And especially those who will not question injustice in the law or their coworker’s behavior.

He is taught to view the public with suspicion and fooled into believing that his is a dangerous job. Statistics prove it isn’t. Despite facts that show the cops do not have as perilous a time as they would like you to believe, cops themselves believe this propaganda and fear you.

The professional training stresses officer safety over public safety and creates a mind set that every traffic stop is a potential major drug bust. This psychological effect puts them under the kind of pressure where mistrust of the public and a group mentality is easily fostered and has been cultivated by design.

They actually believe its them versus the public.

Couple this with the over two billion spent in the last few years to equip small town police departments with military hardware. The 150 SWAT team raids each day across this country, over 50,000 a year. There already IS a war going on. But most just don’t realize it. Its too easily rationalized away with: “only those who break the law have something to fear.”

Have you read the Federal Register and it’s 10,000 new laws each year? I can guarantee you are breaking at least one law right now.

Now that we have a grasp of the immediate, and personal problems we can discuss real solutions you can do yourself, coming up next.


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