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Erik Garcés: You Were Tread Upon. Now What? | THE JEENYUS CORNER

don't tread on me- meaninglessTHE JEENYUS CORNER

By Erik Garcés

Part Two in a Series of the Opposite Consciousness.

Its time to start being more proactive. In keeping with opposite consciousness thinking, we must always avoid violence. That’s of the utmost importance as history shows this is precisely what the system wants and is best prepared for.

We must also avoid any sort of organizing, as history demonstrates the criminals are adept at quickly detecting and subverting movements against them. Then rapidly creating false ones to counter the genuine and maintain their Hegelian dialectic.

Involving yourself with movements only leads to the same result as your own ‘movements’.

Elections are engineered to be a complete waste of your time. Entertainment like a football game except this Superbowl is November of every fourth year. The courts are a joke designed to frustrate you and expend your finances and energies…

So what’s left?

If the problem is a tyranny of the collective then the answer is individual action. The elite worry about this most, because they cannot predict or control YOU. Perhaps you’ve heard about how the ‘authorities’ fear the lone actor, the unknown quantity. They can only forecast and influence group dynamics… The TEA Party, Occupy Wall St., mass media, the sheeple.

Like quicksand, the more you struggle, the more you will be ensnared. The more you ignore them, the less powerful they become.

‘What does that mean?’ you say. For starters it begins with recognizing the threat and understanding what is is, and isn’t.

Fear is a weapon: bad news is flying fast and furious to make you depressed and defeatist. Once you’re aware and awakened, spotting the control grid becomes much easier. Simple things in life that we take granted before we see, now become evident and obvious as societal manipulations.

The controllers who pull the levers of power, those so called elites, fund via their endless supply of fiat currency, numerous think tanks dedicated to the study of the human condition. Its an endless task of using science to discover new ways of using the mind of the oppressed as the most potent tool of the oppressor. Do a quick search on the term “Tavistock” and you’ll find just one of these organizations dedicated to using psychology as a control over society.

The good folks at the Daily Bell call these methodologies “dominant social themes”. Some recognizable examples are how Hollywood puts out media glorifying or demonizing select issues or personalities. What we see now on gun control is an easy to spot promotion.

But what to do about those of us who are no longer susceptible to this sort of manipulation? A return to basics – fear. The oldest and most potent form of mind control is scaring the Betelgeuse out of people. For those of us who see what is going on, we’re being made to fear the State.

When you allow unfiltered information to affect your opinions without careful examination you are allowing yourself to be controlled. Media literacy skills critical in today’s world must include:

— The ability and willingness to make an effort to understand content, pay attention, and to filter out manipulative messaging.

— An understanding of and respect for the power of media messages so as to distinguish emotional from reasoned reactions to content and to act accordingly.

— The ability to think critically about media messages and especially a knowledge of the true purpose the corporate media and the ability to understand its intended effects.

The most fundamentally misunderstood truth of our time is the undeniable fact that all governance is by consent of the governed. If at once you can understand that, then it ought to be clear ANYTHING you see in the establishment media is about furthering that consent.

When you read, hear or see stories about FEMA camps, indefinite detentions, presidential executive orders, foreign troops on US soil, drones, martial law or gun confiscations, does it make you afraid? Because that is the intention. Fear.

That we know about any of this is not because of some guilty conscience leaking the story or even good reporting. It’s because the system wants you to know.

As rule of military history is its better to defeat your enemy without having to fight at all.

So is this defeatist? What can we do?

As individuals we can do a lot, and our influence can be most directly felt on those around us and in our communities. NOT organizing, but educating. Look, we’re not going to wake up the masses, so don’t think for an instant that’s what I mean. No – I am taking a page out of the elite’s own handbook.

Fighting fire with fire so to speak, we’re going to use the tools of the elites against them. But not how you might think either, as when one chooses the tools of evil to defeat it, you eventually become it’s replacement. And that is NOT opposite consciousness.

More to come, stay tuned.


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