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Erik Garcés: Arguing With Statists | THE JEENYUS CORNER

arguing with statistsTHE JEENYUS CORNER

By Erik Garcés

Having decisively lost their propaganda war for your emotions following the tragic shootings in Connecticut, the Statists have come to realize that once again, the American people simply refuse to support gun control.

The force of logic and reason aside, in this country, we will not give up our guns. After each school, movie theater or mall shooting – gun sales go ever higher.

After each utterance by this President, or those who support him, gun sales GO HIGHER. So much so, that commerce in firearms has never seen such numbers.

Responding to bolster their failing argument, we are seeing more and more contrived statistics, out of context studies or flat out falsehoods. Its well known that once Statists have cherry picked their own data or sufficiently tainted the actual ones, there’s no point in further discussion using the facts. Intellectual dishonesty shall always prevail. The hysteria on global climate change is evidence enough of this.

Let’s take an opposite consciousness view of the situation.

Since this is an emotional argument deliberately contrived to be unresolvable by the societal controllers, it serves but only to divide and distract along emotional lines. Similar to gay marriage, abortion and such. Then reason and facts won’t make a difference.

The problem is facts are dismissed because the emotions are too powerful to be overcome with logic. Opposite conciseness is, then who benefits, or as the Romans said: Qui bono?

In each and every one of these emotional arguments, there is no possible winner or looser. Because they are solely based upon point of view (statistics being essentially irrelevant to emotional arguments) there can never be a logically or conclusively drawn ending. Like beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Ford vs. Chevy, Steelers or Cowboys…

Who benefits?

Think about that one long and hard. This is a larger issue. Forget gun control, forget the other emotional hot button issue arguments that the controlled media pushes society into.

When you answer that, you will realize what bullshit all of this is.

If someone is willing to dismiss the facts at hand and carefully come up with their own counter “facts” to defeat your argument, then its either they are purposefully lying to you or so emotionally involved that facts are irrelevant to them and they are willing to accept lies to ensure they get their way. In either case, you are wasting your time. This is a person to be avoided. They are dangerous.

What we all should be doing is respecting one another. And to intellectually honest people that means:

  •  An abortion is a woman’s choice. Irrelevant of YOUR opinion on the matter.
  •  Whom an adult marries is only the business of the two involved. Regardless of your feelings.
  •  The state has no concern regulating the possession of ANY inanimate object because history conclusively proves, banning ANYTHING does not ever change human nature.

If people wish to kill their unborn, marry one man to another or steal, murder, rape or do drugs, then no law anywhere is going to prevent this. People have free will and thus will do as they please. This is irrefutable fact.

So who benefits here?



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