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Erik Garcés: Think Different | THE JEENYUS CORNER



By Erik Garcés

The first in a series on the Opposite Consciousness.

Opposite consciousness. Its not some new age religion or a messianic approach to life. Quite simply, its thinking differently from how you did when a problem was created. If the problem is collectivism, then the answer is individual action. I believe this type of thinking will give those of us who understand the way the world really works a chance at survival when the mathematically unavoidable end of the dollar arrives in the near future.

Within our lives we can see this manifested easily enough by simply looking around us. Most recently it is evident in the gun control debate.

The problem: school shootings. The proposed solution? Tougher gun laws. The weapons ban crowd says mass shootings occur because we don’t have enough laws or existing ones aren’t effective enough. This purely reactionary and emotional response meets one definition of insanity: repeating a task and expecting a different result. Completely disregarding facts and logic. Replacing them with what makes a person “feel better” about the subject.

Opposite consciousness thinking: all these shootings took place where legal concealed carry was either prohibited in that state or location. Thinking people recognize the logical fallacy. Therefore, because the human experience clearly shows that the world has evil people, and that will never change; the best way to prevent gun violence is to have the means of immediately and directly resisting gun violence.

A good many of our problems today were caused because we stopped giving credence to our own very nature, but those who would mean to govern us never did. Simply using logic and tackling the problems we have from a different point of view and not from the directed perspective of those who would use these problems (or more specifically our FEAR of them – never let a good crisis go to waste?) against us has always worked when tried.

THIS is opposite consciousness.

Only by thinking for ourselves and coming to the logical realization (against every emotional conditioning we’ve been taught) that we will never change things by fighting the existing reality will we at last understand how we can bring about the change we want to see. To do that we have to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. WE must be the change ourselves.

Hence the realization that elections are meaningless borne out by this last November’s defeat for Liberty. But I don’t worry about the sheeple. Indeed, using that term is starting to piss them off – they already know deep inside. Like a smoker who gets annoyed at being told cigarettes are bad for him…

A police state is inconsistent with an armed population, and as our other constitutional rights have fallen, the sole remaining Amendment, the Second, will not survive much longer without a confrontation over the issue. The system is provoking a conflict to bring such an event to bear. Don’t give it to them. Deny these criminals the legitimacy they must have in order to justify their crimes to the sheeple. THAT is opposite consciousness.

You can start thinking differently, or you can maintain the insanity of repeating mistakes and expecting a different result each time. In either case, YOU will bear the consequences of these decisions.

Your choice.

Stay tuned for explanations in part two.


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