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Erik Garcés: Blaming Guns For Violence Is No Different Than Blaming Keyboards For Typos | THE JEENYUS CORNER



By Erik Garcés

I have as yet refrained from commentary concerning the tragic events in Connecticut. I am hopeful when I see so many others who understand easily enough what happened and more importantly: why.

The criminals who operate the illegitimate US government are very close to a tipping point of public opinion. The most misunderstood yet fundamental truth of our existence is this: that ALL governance is by consent of the governed.

But believe you me: the criminals know damn well.

An overwhelming majority of people could care less, but when the paper dollar reaches its mathematically unavoidable terminus, the criminals will no longer be able to obfuscate their way out of being held accountable. They will have withdrawn their consent…

The behavior of the criminals is proactive and predictive. Understanding the rage that will be unleashed upon them, the criminals are plotting to use the media and false flag attacks to blame “domestic terrorists” or any number of excuses which are easily seen once you understand the plantation for what it is. Instigating some sort of an event which will provide the criminals with the necessary excuses to implement their solutions for dealing with the angry mobs.

Its far more complex than this, but that’s the gist of it.

If you’re curious, try doing a bit of reading on these terms:
[] Hegelian Dialectic.
[] False Flag Attack
[] Tavistock Institute

Using science and psychology, not to mention unlimited finding via their interconnected central banks, the money power elites figured it out in the early 20th century. Like letting your cattle free range, its better that the slaves actually believe they are free than under a hard tyranny.

The experiments in the collectivist paradises of the Soviet Union and its satellites proved to them that Fascism was the better system. Which is what we have in America today. That’s not hyperbole but fact. No matter how much you stomp your feet and insist not, the US is indeed a Fascist empire built on violence and tyranny no different than the Nazis. Undeniable fact. I will gladly debate any comer, and provide endless details to prove this fact.

Once you figure out that there’s no difference in Republican or Democrat, that the money is really debt to a private bank and that you actually have no rights; the government is and controls everything, you’ll have come to a fully awakened state. YOU are a slave. Chattel, property to be controlled and to derive profit from. Even those on welfare earn their keep: they consistently vote for MORE statism…

That so many are reaching an awakening each day is what scares the elites into their fall back plan – force, and law. Perhaps you now understand the true reasons why the rush to control the internet. Copyright is the excuse and not a new one. Study real history and learn how patents and copyrights were used in the past to silence dissent and stop the spread of “dangerous” ideas. Its the wide availability of information outside the control grid of their corporate media that has set off this great awakening and there is little the power structure can do aside from discredit and spread fear.

Which is what they have been doing. Stop. Think hard about this. The “ah-ha” moment is coming.

Fanatical laws cannot and have not prevented bad behavior or tragic outcomes. They merely make reactionary politicians look good and gullible people temporarily feel better.

If such nonsense really worked, Prohibition, the “War on Drugs” and New York’s and other giant city/gulag government’s counterproductive restrictions on self defense would have made the world safe a generation ago. That such laws are utter failures is always blamed on other factors, never the underlying cause. People act – the law reacts. Another undeniable fact of life.

That these simple concepts need to be continually restated is a deep testament to just how sedated and controlled the American people have become.

So the real question here is not anything about the sad happenings in New England. The one we should all be asking is: what the hell are they doing that they need us to be paying attention to this?



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