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Reflecting on Ron Paul | THE JEENYUS CORNER



By R. Tamara de Silva

(DirectedVerdicts.com) – On the eve of Ron Paul’s retirement from public service, the Senate voted in favor of the Feinstein-Lee Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act last week.  Unfortunately, the version of the Amendment drafted by Senator Rand Paul, which would have restored due process and the right to a trial by jury to American citizens negated by Section 1021 of the NDAA, did not appear to be well received.  The Feinstein-Lee Amendment does nothing substantive to ameliorate the indefinite detention, without trial or due process, provisions of the NDAA’s Section 1021.  The very same people that took an oath to defend the Constitution, have enacted a piece of legislation that eviscerates its most important protections of due process.

And now it all begins.  Ron Paul is not another candidate who lost the nomination-he is a legacy of libertarian ideas that has captured the imagination and respect of millions of Americans, across generations, from every race and every socio-economic background.  His largest donors, unlike all other candidates from both parties were not global banks and law firms but the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. Ron Paul did not suggest an orderly change to his party but rather a full scale revolution and toppling from the ground up.  Hence no one believed he would be controllable or predictable other than in his record and platform, which in a matter like budget cutting was almost too clear for the comfort of many, including his own party.

But lets face it, who else but Ron Paul can get a standing ovation of thousands for an Austrian economist?  His supporters are different because millions of them are the youngest generation of Republicans- uniquely and thoroughly fired up about their government and ideas like liberty, auditing the Federal Reserve, cutting the deficit, and restoring rule by the Constitution.  Like other revolutionaries throughout history, it was clear to everyone around that these young people meant it.  This was never to them rhetoric or listening to a candidate who had made an entire private enterprise out of being a candidate and public speaking engagements, but a massive grass-roots movement unfolding in real-time built around ideas decidedly more libertarian than their party wanted to hear.  Ideas completely absent from the Democratic party.  The sincerity by which the ideas were held allowed for no compromise or accommodation.

Ron Paul supporters like in the parable of the fox and the sour grapes were ridiculed and mocked but also coveted and courted-and like the fox and the grapes, to no avail.  At the last minute, the RNC changed the rules because they feared the support Ron Paul had-afterall, this is how intractable revolutionaries are.  Ironically, the votes of Ron Paul supporters may have made a difference in the Presidential election where support for Romney was even less than for Senator McCain.

As Senator DeMint and many others have pointed out, Ron Paul’s message has changed the GOP’s discourse for the better and altered its platform in ways that it would never have been altered otherwise.

It is not over because the message of libertarianism, civil liberty, smaller government and fiscal sanity is altogether too important.  The current GOP talked about less government but wanted to increase its size every bit as much as the Democracts, just for the benefit of different recipients of government largesse than Romney’s 47%.

Ron Paul never gave up and this is not the time for his supporters to do so.  I hope they show all the people that called them “paulbots” and “insane” that this was never a cult of personality but the most principled grass-roots movement they have ever seen.   The largest office in the land could not be won but there are so many others that can.  He has left behind a great deal of hope that by inspiring an entire generation of young voters, there will be a future with candidates who are committed to the preservation of America’s core values of freedom of speech, association and liberty.

Joseph Sobran’s quotation does not apply to them.



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