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Abraham Lincoln: The Bad Guy, once you know the WHOLE story | THE JEENYUS CORNER


By Erik Garcés

Lost to almost everyone in the misteaching of history is the consequences of the North’s subjugation of the South. Yes, yes we all know the evils of slavery and we’re all glad for its end. And oh my, Lincoln preserved the union, for what that’s worth. Today we’re witnessing a full scale publicity tour to buff up old Abe’s image. History Channel documentaries, big budget Hollywood feature films, Time Magazine full page treatment and a sitting president who fancies himself a modern day Lincoln. HA! How appropriate that is…

What’s rarely discussed is the sacrifices and lasting consequences we pay for the Union army’s Pyrrhic victory.

America died in 1865 when the federal government successfully removed any limitations on its powers. Settling by violence, that not the states themselves which created it nor any of the mechanisms within the Constitution to restrain it would be recognized any more. Largely because Lincoln was able to use brute force to subdue those who disagreed with him.

Abraham Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus, that bedrock principle of law guaranteeing the accused protection from abuse of authority. Lincoln imprisoned or deported citizens and even elected members of Congress who disagreed with him. And to dispel any emotional attachment to Lincoln – he wrote in his own hand that if he could preserve the union without freeing a single slave, he would have done so gladly.

So in reality, Abraham Lincoln was the 19th century’s Darth Vader, not the great emancipator we were all taught in government run schools. This cemented forever, the might makes right foundation of ALL the federal government’s criminality to this day.

Don’t believe me? Try not paying taxes, owning certain kinds of firearms or smoking marijuana…. even in states that maintain the legality of these actions. All of these things were far outside of what the founders had determined would be the boundaries of club fed. As most of us are aware of, history is written by the victors. But in today’s age of the “internet reformation” the facts can and do come out. Steven Spielberg notwithstanding, the propaganda we’ve all been fed is wearing thin, once you have access to the other side of the story.



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