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Zombie Nation Celebrates War and Oppression After Presidential Puppet Show | THE JEENYUS CORNER


By JG Vibes

(theintelhub.com) – For many people who are actually aware of the corruption that exists within the United States government, it wasn’t really the outcome of the elections that they were paying attention to this week.

Instead, it was the popular reaction to the elections that a lot of free thinkers had their eye on this time around and, sadly, that reaction has been beyond disappointing.

Even though Congress has a 9% approval rating and more people are losing faith in the establishment by the day, there has been a new wave of state worship invading the social dialogue thanks to all of the recent election hype.

Giddy news reporters are talking on television about how Obama should just do whatever he wants even if it is controversial, simply because this is his last term and he doesn’t have to worry about getting reelected.

Meanwhile, the public is eating it all up, and social media has been inundated with posts of celebration.  Is there really anything worth celebrating though?

There will be no change to the major policies that people are concerned about and the course of empire will continue across the Middle East.

There has been no indication that there will be any rollback or reprieve of these authoritarian polcies, but the public doesent seem to care and that is far more threatening than any kind of election results.

Those of us who have abandoned the status quo and all of its trappings understand that it is public opinion which truly drives the future.

This is why governments and the ruling class that sit behind governments spend so much time and energy on manipulating public opinion to line up with their own objectives.

The ritual of voting for president is one of the primary ways that this manipulation of public opinion is achieved, and it seems that this year it has worked quite well for the establishment.

In his four years in office Obama has expanded Bush era policies by cracking down even harder on nonviolent drug users, starting multiple new wars in the middle east, and continuing the same mercantilist policies with big Wall Street banks.

Despite all of this, people who are against war, prohibition and central banking corruption, are still celebrating the fact that they have elected someone who is going to uphold the status quo and not do anything about these very serious problems, except probobly make them worse.

This cognitive dissonance comes from a lifetime of propaganda about voting, representative government. and the political process as a whole.

There are all of these old sayings that are stuck in peoples heads from their civics class or their parents, that prevent them from thinking outside of the box.

We have all heard these sayings before, you cant complain if you don’t vote, or if you vote and you loose you cant complain, or if you vote and you win you can’t complain.

Either way your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t and this is a way of forcing people to enthusiastically support something that they would otherwise be totally disgusted with.

Unfortunately, people don’t see that, people only see the options that are put right in front of them.  People who are against war are now forced to overlook it and ignore it because they have been told their whole lives that no matter how they engage with government, they have no right to question its authority.

Will another 4 years of authoritarianism wake these people up? If the past 3 Bush presidencies hasn’t woken them up already, then im not sure what will.

I like to be as optimistic as possible in most situations, but seeing this kind of reaction from people is very disheartening.

It is very possible that a vast majority of this hype is fake and media manufactured, but some of these people out there are actually serious and it seems like it might be a while before they come to grips with reality.




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