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Jeff Duncan Dodges Debates And Defeats Democratic Opponent | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Republican Incumbent, Jeff Duncan, Dodged debates and alternative media interviews (even though his opponent welcomed questions) in his campaign to defeat Democratic challenger; Brian Doyle.

By Marshall D. Culpepper

SOUTH CAROLINA – Freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) has won a second term as the representative for the 3rd Congressional District of South Carolina.

Duncan managed to defeat challenger, Brian Doyle (D-SC), after dodging debate challenges and refusing to answer questions asked by independent journalists from alternative media outlets, including a request from The Jeenyus Corner.

The challenger in the race, Brian “Ryan B” Doyle, took some time out to answer questions that we had for him.  Doyle was more than generous with his time, and seemed very eager to espouse the positions held by GOP Congressman Ron Paul.

Jeff Duncan earned 153,153 votes (66.95%) while Doyle received 75,113 (32.83%) with an additional 495 (0.22%) write-in votes cast.

Doyle was making his second bid for the seat after losing the Democratic primary two years ago. He says he was forthcoming to voters about a 2003 felony conviction for Medicare fraud that resulted in a prison term.

Duncan has said he’s been proud to be among House freshmen who helped the nation move back toward more conservative policies. In a new term, Duncan says he wants to continue to push against deficit spending.

Duncan’s re-election helped the GOP maintain control of the House, while the Democrats managed to hold on to the Senate in addition to capturing the White House to give President Barack Obama a second term.


About Marshall D. Culpepper

Marshall is a Husband, and father of two children. He resides in upstate, South Carolina.


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