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Knotts threatens to kill SC ballot fix: “I’m in the catbird seat” | JCTV | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Senators voted Wednesday evening to table the bill, effectively killing it for good. Full story below:


By Logan Smith

(PalmettoPublicRecord.org) – South Carolina senators debate a last-ditch effort to reinstate 180 state and local candidates who were kicked off the primary ballot for incorrectly filing an ethics statement, Sen. Jake Knotts is again threatening to torpedo the whole effort.

Knotts (R-Lexington) is one of several lawmakers whose primary opposition was disqualified by last week’s State Supreme Court ruling. Wishing to avoid a tough reelection battle against tea party activist Katrina Shealy, Knotts tried to kill in committee a resolution allowing candidates like Shealy back onto the ballot.

After being publicly (and loudly) admonished by the wife of U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson for his stalling efforts, Knotts hinted that he would drop his opposition — but continued to throw roadblocks at the measure on Wednesday in the full Senate.

If the resolution’s supporters are to bring it to an emergency vote before the deadline set by the election calendar, senators would need to suspend rules requiring new amendments to be relevant to the legislation they’re added to.

“There is no other way to address this issue in a timely manner without suspending the rules,” said Sen. Larry Martin (R-Pickens).

Knotts responded that if senators do suspend the rules, he would introduce a pile of irrelevant amendments in order to stall the bill permanently.

“It don’t matter if you do or you don’t [suspend the rules], I’m in the catbird seat,” Knotts told senators, employing a seldom-used idiom that we admittedly had to look up. Watch video of Knotts’ comments below:

Senators are expected to vote this evening whether to suspend the rules and take up the ballot resolution. Look for updates here as they happen.




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