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BREAKING NEWS: Winner Projected In 2012 Presidential Race! | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Marshall D. Culpepper

With polling stations along the east coast coming to a close, we are now able to project a winner in the 2012 Presidential Race.  It was a hard fought campaign that saw many wonderful and entertaining gaffes, lies, blunders and other typical political tricks and maneuvers. There were heated debates that clearly illustrated what kind of clear choice the voters had.

Now that it is all said and done, we here at The Jeenyus Corner are able to project that Goldman Sachs has secured enough votes of the sheeple to be elected as president.  That’s right, Goldman Sachs!  Now while there are votes that have yet to be counted, and polls across the west coast will be open for a few more hours, we’re confidant that one or the other puppets for the Banksters on Wall Street will come away with control over the government.  Get ready for more bailouts, stimulus packages, drone strikes, illegal wars, dollar devaluation, loss of liberties, and more tyranny.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come in.

BREAKING NEWS: POLLS CLOSED ON THE EAST COST. PROJECTED WINNER ANNOUNCED. Our team here at #libertyNEVERsleeps has projected the winner of the 2012 election. GOLDMAN SACHS



About Marshall D. Culpepper

Marshall is a Husband, and father of two children. He resides in upstate, South Carolina.


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