Social worker: “no freedom of speech” in government-funded housing | THE JEENYUS CORNER


by Dave Tombers

(INQUISITION NEWS)- A social worker has taken the idea of “qualifying” for federal benefits to a new level by telling a resident of a HUD-subsidized building that she no longer had the right to free speech because of the government’s contributions to the building’s operations.

The attack on religious freedom came in a Minneapolis suburb, where Ruth Sweats told WND that she was told she has “no freedom of speech.”

Sweats told WND that she and a friend were sitting in a corner of the common area at the Osborne Apartments in Spring Lake Park, Minn., when she says the building social worker, Rachelle Henkle, “dramatically approached her with a raised voice” and said, “You can’t talk like that here!”

Since Sweats was having a private conversation with a friend and simply had read the introduction paragraph from her Bible describing the Book of Revelation, she was shocked. She said her friend had asked her about Revelation, and she opened her Bible and began reading the introduction that precedes the book.

Sweats, a member of a Messianic church congregation, said she frequently reads the Bible, studies it with friends, prays, and even hosts Bible studies in that very room, yet for some reason the social worker’s ire was triggered when she read, “These that bear the mark of the monster and are not registered in the Lambs Book of Life.”

Sweats told WND she informed Henkle that she was entitled to have a private conversation with a friend, and in fact had done so many times, saying, “I have freedom of speech, you know.”

But she says the social worker claimed that free speech doesn’t exist when it’s in a HUD-funded building, and that in order to talk about the Bible it had to be in an apartment, not the common area.

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2 comments on “Social worker: “no freedom of speech” in government-funded housing | THE JEENYUS CORNER

  1. WHAT! That’s incredulous! Of course the Bill of Rights applies, if anything it *more* than applies on PUBLIC property – which government property technically is, isn’t it?!

    Surely that’s just one idiot’s opinion and not the beginnings of a new government movement…

    • There’s been more and more instances of Gvt. Persecution of Christians, in addition to their current persecution of the Muslims. It’s actually in counter-terrorism training manuals that label Conservative people, Christians, Pro-1st & 2nd amendment people, and libertarians who’ve supported Ron Paul and third party candidates, as being terrorists.


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