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Sheriff: Deputy fired after kicking suspect | THE JEENYUS CORNER

An unidentified Anderson County Sheriff’s deputy was filmed kicking an unarmed suspect in the head.


ANDERSON, SC (WYFF)– An Upstate deputy is out of a job after investigators identified him in a video in which they say he is seen kicking a suspect in the head.

The incident happened after the suspect, Brian Gilbert, bit off the finger of another Anderson County deputy, according to the Sheriff’s Office — and it was all caught on a cellphone camera by a bar patron.

The woman who shot the video told News 4 that she doesn’t know the suspect, but saw the man being led out by several people and decided to follow them to make sure he was ok.

The video was shot just moments after police say Gilbert bit off the deputy’s finger at Johnny Angell’s bar in Anderson.

The video shows Gilbert lying on the ground. About 50 seconds into the video, one of the men surrounding him is seen kicking Gilbert in the head.

The woman, who did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation, told News 4 “I was devastated. (Gilbert) was helpless.  There was nothing that anybody could do for him.”

The man who kicked Gilbert was later identified by Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper as one of his recent graduates of the criminal justice academy. The deputy, whose name isn’t being released, has been terminated.

“The YouTube video was brought to our attention, and we felt like that some of our officers might have been involved. We have conducted our internal investigation, and the investigation revealed that the particular officer that actually kicked the suspect was one of recent graduates from the criminal justice academy, and based on our general orders of conduct unbecoming of an officer, we have terminated that officer,” Skipper told News 4.

The witness who shot the video said she wants the deputy to be charged.

“This is police brutality for one. It’s gang-banging for two, and it could be lynching, and to keep him and spit on him, that’s assault to me, and I think they should be held accountable just like anybody else would be,” the woman said.



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