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Breaking: Court Unseals Potentially Devastating Testimony by Mitt Romney in Friend’s Divorce Case | THE JEENYUS CORNER

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By Laura Gottesdiener

(AlterNet)- Mitt Romney is being accused of lying under oath to protect the old boys’ network–and the documents have just gone public.

The controversy over Romney’s alleged lies under oath continues this Thursday, as a Massachusetts court unseals a testimony that some speculate could be devastating for the presidential candidate.

The famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred has said that Mitt Romney lied in the divorce proceedings between her client, Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, and her husband, Tom, in order to protect the financial wealth of the former CEO of Staples.  If the allegations are true, the revelation could be yet another blow to the GOP during an election cycle in which many of the candidates have played old-boy’s-club politics and demonstrated disregard and sometimes outright scorn for women.

The case in question began more than 20 years ago, when Mitt Romney–then hedge funder at Bain Capital–testified in the divorce proceedings on behalf of Staples-CEO Tom Stemberg, at the time Romney’s close friend and business partner. The divorce hearings occurred shortly before Staples–which has become the GOP’s misleading poster child for Bain Capital’s financial track record–went public, earning Stemberg and Bain Capital millions.

In the testimony, however, Romney allegedly lied about the future of the company, saying it was “overvalued” and that Stemberg was a “dreamer” for thinking the company could grow large. As a result, Maureen received very little in the divorce settlement–only to learn that her husband and his cohort Mitt Romney quickly turned around and cashed in their own stocks in Staples for a small fortune right after the divorce was finalized.

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