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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Brian “B-Ryan” Doyle: Pro-Liberty Democrat Challenging Rep. Jeff Duncan | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Marshall D. Culpepper

We are closing in on November 6th, election day. While the nation’s focus has been on the Presidential race that pits Goldman Sachs (Barack Obama) versus Goldman Sachs (Mitt Romney), many liberty supporters who identify with the principals of Congressman Ron Paul have shifted their focus to local races.

In my home state of South Carolina, there is a race between a Republican incumbent, Jeff Duncan and his opponent, Bryan “B-Ryan” Doyle.

I recently had the opportunity to ask the challenger, Mr. Doyle, a few questions about his positions on key issues important to ever-expanding liberty movement.  Below is the transcript of the conversation that Mr. Doyle and I had. I encourage you all to take note of his answers:

Jeenyus Corner:
Thanks for accepting my friends request. I hate labels, but I have to say I’m really more of a “Republican” and “conservative” but to be fully honest, I’m really a constitutionalist/libertarian. When you have time, there’s a few questions I’d like to ask about certain key issues on the minds of local liberty minded people. People who are disgusted with some of the things Mr. Duncan has supported.

Brian Doyle
We must end the wars and bring our young men and women home. We must have and restore freedoms.

Jeenyus Corner:
How do you feel about sections 1021 and 2023 of the NDAA?

Brian Doyle:
I believe we must bring forth evidence and not just hold people base on the Acts or just because we want too. This is not what our constitution was made of

Jeenyus Corner:
And how do you feel about the attempts to censor the internet with bills like SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA?

Brian Doyle:
I believe in freedoms and less government involvement in areas as long as we protect our children from Internet monsters. I had this same position two years ago and stand by that same position now. I share a lot of reviews with good leaders like Ron Paul however for the purposes of my community voters I run as democrat. If you look at my web site it clearly says A New Independant Direction. I stand by that and that’s why I’m not a Democratic Party of SC favorite

Jeenyus Corner:
Just two more questions if you don’t mind, sir. I do appreciate your time.

Brian Doyle:
I don’t owe the Democratic Party of SC or the national DNC anything They haven’t offer me one dime and I wouldn’t take it I believe it’s time to take care of the people of the third district and South Carolina.
I don’t mind you sharing my position with your friends

Jeenyus Corner:
I certainly will. Would you support a full audit of the Federal Reserve?

Brian Doyle:
Yes lord I asked to years ago for that I also asked after the banks got a free ride for Timothy to resign. I believe we should cut about 25% of the government and I still stand by that position

Jeenyus Corner:
And how do you feel about the UN? Should they be able to authorize the US President to use military force?

Brian Doyle:
No they should not. I do believe we should have a minor role in the UN but I believe it our commander and chief decision to put our young men and women in harms way. I believe we need to stop spending money fighting senseless wars and focus here at home for the betterment of our country and slow down china import of goods.

Jeenyus Corner:
I do want to sneak one more in. Marijuana for medical, commercial (hemp), and even recreational purposes? What’s your position on that?

Brian Doyle:
I would support Marijuana only if we can have a form of control on it. I don’t want nor need everyone around town selling it. We have enough and two many drug dealers around. However arresting and charging people for it is senseless and we do need to ease laws on it.

Jeenyus Corner:
I appreciate your time. You seem like a very sensible man. Pro-Liberty, and Patriotic. I’m going to write a post for my website, http://www.jeenyuscorner.com , and I look forward to hearing more from you leading up to Nov. 6th.

Brian Doyle:
Thanks so much I wanted to answer you questions why I was on the road please feel free to share them with your friends and family. We need real change in South Carolina. We have four of the most powerful men in Washington Graham, Demint, Wilson and Clyburn be South Carolina ranks number 45 in bring home the bacon what’s wrong with that picture.

We rank 45 out of 50 states that really don’t make sense too me


I have not yet been able to get in touch with Rep. Jeff Duncan.  Rest assured, I will bring that conversation to you all if and when I receive a response from Mr. Duncan.



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