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Obama- Cult That You Believe In | THE JEENYUS CORNER

By Joey Curcio

The following is an explanation of a typical left wing liberals reasons for supporting Barack Obama.

I hope you either really enjoy this and that you get a good laugh out of this.

Or that it makes you REALLY mad and then WAKES YOU UP!

“Hello. My name is Brainwashed Sheeple Idiot. I am a HUGE President Obama supporter. I think he is just fantastic. The way he smiles at the camera. And says all those really cool things on the teevee . The way that he always seems to rhyme when he speaks and how he always sounds so poetic. He is like a rap star in a suit. And I think that’s really cool. He hangs out with stars like Jay Z & Beyonce. And I think that’s really cool too. I mean who doesn’t want a President who hangs out with big stars and talks in circles that never make any sort of real points. Not like it matters if he was making any points. I can’t really understand what he is talking about or the points he is making anyway. But it sure sounds like he knows what he is talking about!

He doesn’t speak in long winded, drawn out, speeches that are unnecessarily filled with facts or TRUTH. They say he is a ‘soundbyte” speaker as opposed to someone who speaks with any real substance to his words. And I think that’s really cool too. Being that I don’t watch the actual speeches. And instead only watch the mainstream news reports of the speeches. So getting my information which is the basis for all of my opinions from strategically planted soundbytes is definitely the best way for me to do it. Who has time for watching an entire political speech or debate anyway? I am too busy at the mall spending money I don’t have. Or at the clubs and bars getting shitfaced hammered every night. Or playing Call of Duty on my XBOX 360. Or of course watching all my favorite reality teevee shows. So with all this really important stuff to do – it is impossible for me to spend any real time engaged in the process. Doing any research. Asking questions. Learning the TRUTH. So I just rely on quick soundbytes from the mainstream media. I think this is the best way. It certainly and obviously has worked really well for me. I am as informed and aware of everything that can possibly be known. I am sure of it!

I think his Obamacare program is really cool too. I can’t say I have read any of it though. Truth be told I don’t know the first thing about it. But MSNBC always says that it is a really cool thing. And those guys would never lie. So it must be great! So therefore I think it is great!

And of course let’s not forget that Obama is a nobel pize winner! What can be cooler than that? I really don’t understand why his opponents laugh at this. They mention something about drone attacks. Something about innocent American’s dying. Something about scores of innocent women and children dying all over the world because of these drones. But I have never heard of a drone! They never mention it on MSNBC. So I think these people are lying! Why wouldn’t MSNBC mention this to us if this was true! These people who say these things are such bad people! And they are liars and racists! Saying all these mean and nasty and untrue things about our Messiah Obama. THEY MUST BE A RACIST! He would never kill innocent women and children! Have you seen his smile and how nice he is and how well-spoken he is? Just look at him! Of course he would never do these things!

And of course lets us not forget. Obama said he would pay for my new cell phone. And my mortgage! And what can be cooler than that? I don’t care what else he does. I don’t care what bad decisions he may make regarding the country or the world. I don’t really care at all if he screws other stuff up. As long as I get me a brand new cell phone and my mortgage paid – I don’t care about anything else at all!! I know that may sound a little bit selfish. And maybe just the tiniest bit ignorant. But that’s OK. Selfish and ignorant is the new cool! Everyone is trying it! And I kind of like it!

So that’s all I wanted to say. To those out there who disapprove and are always saying bad things about President Obama. As I have CLEARLY proven. You must be misinformed. Or a racist. Or both! Because I got all the facts! I am absolutely certain of everything there is to know and especially all of the important things that matter. I do not do any research into these matters. But I do watch MSNBC pretty often. I at least have the channel on and am reading the information on the crawl on the bottom of the screen while I am playing World of Warfare or Call of Duty on my XBOX 360. So I am very informed. And I am absolutely certain of it. Vote Barack Obama!” – Brainwashed Sheeple Idiot


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