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Erik Garcés: Violent revolution is inevitable? | THE JEENYUS CORNER



By Erik Garcés

Violent revolution is inevitable?

Historical figures of great stature like Gandhi and Dr. King recognized that you cannot use the tools of evil to defeat evil because you become it’s replacement. No vote, protest or violent revolution is going to change anything.

We must be the change ourselves.

At it’s heart, the most fundamentally misunderstood fact of our existence: ALL government is by consent of the governed. How the state achieves or maintains that consent is immaterial.

These great men withdrew consent to be governed and challenged what they saw as injustice and oppression. So successful was their effort that the system rolled over and played dead to lull the sheeple back to sleep. Since then, we’ve been fed a diet of corporate controlled media after graduating from state controlled schools designed to condition society into accepting government as the answer to any conceivable problem.

We’re trained from early on that authority is always above and never within, to look at the state for solutions… never to question government. At the heart of this is the premise that we are master of ourselves via elections. Nothing could be farther from fact. Instead, we are subjugated by it.

The system has been redesigned over generations from free and open elections into controlled arguments over predetermined and divisive issues specifically designed to be emotional and unresolvable. The system desperately needs you to be involved with candidates and issues. It must have you arguing with your coworkers and friends over personalities or policies.

What it cannot have, is you questioning the system itself.

Elections are emphatically NOT about selecting a government. They are about conferring legitimacy upon the most recently installed puppet so that the illusion of free choice is maintained. The net effect of which is to ensure elections don’t change the power structure. Real power lies in the unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy.

Witness the awesome ability of the EPA or ATF to issue regulations with the force of law and are near impossible to litigate against or repeal.

Yes, we are repeating the cycle.

However I understand that this is more about manipulation than human nature. Man’s tendency to violence, his failure to recognize long term trends and to focus on the self and not the whole of society. It is these traits which are being used against us.

The money power elite fund think tanks, like the one in California called Tavistock. There, scientists study human behavior and use psychological methods to turn our very nature against us.

We repeat history because the cycles assure a hierarchy of control. Using Hegelian Dialectic, we’re subjected to problem/reaction/solution schemes to manipulate public opinion and generate consent of the governed.

Everything, and i mean EVERYTHING that government does is about one thing: maintaining its power. And it does that through generating our consent to be governed. You absolutely must understand this. Anyone who fails to do so cannot see past the control techniques used against them.

Government has one purpose: control. Without government, money power cannot control their plantation or reap harvests of human labor. The elite learned long ago that slaves who believe they are free work much more efficiently than ones who are know they’re in bondage.

But power understands that the illusion only lasts so long, and that like a crap Windows computer, periodically it must be rebooted. So cycles of peace, prosperity, devolution then revolution repeat endlessly and coincide with periods of political awakening. Carefully charting world history during the last 250 years or so will make this abundantly clear.

In the interim, the system continues to harvest wealth generated by the labor of the productive class. But the unproductive class is also has uses. A Hegelian Dialectic scheme to maintain the friction in society necessary to uphold a class conflict that assures ‘need’ for government. And as we know, the elites always control both sides in a conflict, usually after instigating it in the first place.

Everything we see on the world stage today is directly created as a method of subtle but effective opinion control. The war on terror, the myth of global climate change, health care costs, rampant crime. All of it was designed to create scarcity or fear which motivates populations. The common theme in all of this: government is the answer.

Thus, breaking the cycle of violence is near impossible. History has taught the elites that when a population becomes aware of their enslavement, they refuse to participate. By forcing a revolt, a violent uprising, this actually HELPS the system stay in power.

War is the health of the state, Paul von Hindenburg said. What it means is, as people become politically aware of what has been done to them, the theft of their liberties and wealth – war distracts and unifies a nation, provides a unifying cause, and returns legitimacy to government.

As the facts become more and more undeniable, the system with attempt to shift focus. And eventually when the system is no longer sustainable, there will be war, or another catastrophic false flag event to justify the state. Money power cannot exist without the legal power of the state to sustain it; without government, there can be no elite.

The only way I can think of to end this cycle is to simply walk away from it and educate as many others as possible to do so as well.

This is incredibly difficult because as we see here, breaking the conditioning of a life time is so hard. People simply refuse to think for themselves, to investigate and make informed choices. Connecting the dots is impossible when all your information is spoon fed to you by the slave masters.

To use logic and not emotion when reasoning is unrealistic after an entire life of memorizing facts, regurgitating dates and names. Being taught to never question authority, that the state is good, the police are here to help and we control our government via elections.

As the internet has made possible so many to be aware of the great lie that is government and its perpetuation by money power, we’re seeing a return to what the elite have traditionally turned to. Legal regulation and violence. The system is aware that so many of us understand. We can see their panicked reactions in multifaceted ways.

[]For those unawakened, the war on terror and the idea that Islam is somehow the enemy continues.

[]The manipulated people who think they are aware: to them, Obama is still the bad guy and a Romney presidency is the answer. A civil war is being provoked to demonize these people who question government. That the state is buying untold rounds of ammunition is not to fight you, but to scare you not to fight them.

[]To the few who are fully aware, and have the means to do so – the system is desperate in trying to prevent the flight of wealth to safe haven. The expatriate movement is well underway and these people are buying gold and silver and getting the hell out of the US. Smart move…

[]As for the remaining patriots, people like you and me, a war is being waged on food producers, liberty speakers and the prepared. SWAT raids on raw milk dairies, government shut down of organic food growers, DHS claiming those who store food are terrorists and the like. You simply will not be allowed to leave the plantation.

It is for this last group, those who fully know AND choose to do something about it, that the system is most fearful of. We are considered enemies of the State. Not really over the facts we share, but the spread of our principles. The idea that withdrawal of consent, simply walking away, this is what worries them.

Plantation owners forbid their slaves to read. YOU will not be allowed access to the internet.

If we refuse to fight each other, if we won’t accept their system, then the slave masters become exposed as the criminals they always were.

This is the task at hand: spread the message. There is a third way.



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