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Erik Garcés: DON’T VOTE! Your Vote Is Meaningless When The System Is Corrupt | THE JEENYUS CORNER



By Erik Garcés

When you vote, you legitimatize the system which enslaves us. Keep in mind the most fundamentally misunderstood fact of our existence. All government is by consent of the governed. That’s irrefutable.

Einstein’s definition of insanity was repeating a task and expecting a different result each time. If elections really could make a difference, wouldn’t they have by now? By definition, when you participate in this process, that is insanity.

Moreover, choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

So many people simply cannot break their lifetime of conditioning to see these fundamentals. They will argue to their death to protect the very system used to control them.

What’s being consciously ignored is that when one force controls both sides in an election, you don’t have an election. The choices are statism at breakneck speed OR arriving there just a little bit slower. When one party’s advocacy for government expansion arouses too much objection, the statism is shifted to the other direction as the other party installed becomes publicly perceived as the “reformer”.

No matter the electoral results, debt and death will come from the welfare/warfare system of the American Empire created by money power. Your true masters.

That’s the scam.

If we carefully examine the factual history of the last century, and not through the prism of corporate controlled media and state controlled schools, we can easily see the pattern. That’s what the system has winnowed out: your ability to connect the dots.

No matter which party is in power, you’re kept emotionally (but never logically) connected to one or the other parties. There are never, EVER allowed to be third alternatives. We’re encouraged to debate endlessly over personalities and policy but never are we allowed to question that its the very system itself that is the problem.

In the rare cases that some outside candidate breaks through, the system reacts quickly and violently to destroy that person and then rapidly changes the rules to ensure that something like that never happens again.

Witness Ross Perot in 1992; the way both parties colluded to ensure the necessary changes to Federal election law enfeebled third party candidacies. Fast forward to the 2004 and then 2008 election cycles when the Democrat party changed it’s rules to ensure that first Ralph Nader and then later Dennis Kucinich could not get access to many state ballots. And this year we all saw the rampant corruption and cheating of the Republicans to force Dr. Ron Paul out of the convention.

Once you understand that national elections are emphatically NOT about selecting a government but merely legitimatizing the current puppet, you will see why voting in federal elections is not only a waste of time, its actually acting against your own interests.

Now that’s not to say voting in local elections is the same thing. In many places (Large cities like NYC and Chicago notably excepted!) your school board member is a neighbor. The state rep has a kid on the same team as yours, or the local borough council woman goes to the same church as you do. In these cases, because the elected have to personally deal with you, the ballot does mean something. In these cases, you ought to be vigorously involved.

The object here is to expose the illegitimacy and criminal behavior of the federal government.

Despite the best of stated intentions, and a minor track record of modest success, fed.gov does not represent the people at large. It represents money power. The states which created the federal government to serve them are now dictated to by this entity which recognizes no effective bounds on its powers.

It has slipped the chains meant to limit its scope and protect our liberties and metastasized into a dangerous and destructive force to all citizens. Historically it has become comparable to the worst of the 20th century totalitarian states. Check the facts on that for yourself, and you will be shocked at what this government has done in the last few years.

That so few understand the danger and so many fight to protect this system, is testament to just how effective the programming is.



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