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Massive Protests Expected Today In Spain, Greece, Portugal With Smaller Protests In London, Rome And Netherlands | THE JEENYUS CORNER


Today, Saturday, September 29th, a huge protest is planned: Spain, Greece and Portugal look to be the big ones. Smaller protests are expected in London, Rome and the Netherlands. It all starts at six pm (Madrid is six hours ahead of EST, so the protests will start at 12 noon – our time, 9 am PST). 40 cities in Spain will be joining

 the protest, calling it a global emergency and some have tweeted that the Revolution might happen today.The Spanish Citizens will be surrounding Congress again, demanding the resignation of their government and new elections.

A new tactic of global resistance is emerging: “Surround the Congress.” Following #25S, when thousands of protestors converged on Spain’s parliament building in Madrid to denounce austerity and the kidnapping of popular sovereignty by the Troika and the Markets, similar actions will take place Saturday September 29th across Spain and in a number of European capitals, including Rome, Lisbon, London, Brussels, and Amsterdam. With momentum behind the new tactic growing, AdBusters has called for an October 31 “Halloween Party” on Capitol Hill. http://ht.ly/2sqdVH

Live Streams:
Global Revolution: http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution
All Livestreams Here: http://ht.ly/2sqdVH
Spain LiveStream: http://bit.ly/OqbUks
Spain LiveStream: http://www.rtve.es/noticias/directo2
Greece Live Stream: LiveStream:http://www.livestream.com/stopcarteltvgr

On Twitter, you can follow the #29S hashtag:http://bit.ly/QmE5Mp and the #S29 hashtag:http://bit.ly/P1nNNM
Also hashtags: #29sSíSePuede http://bit.ly/R1CfSeand #ows http://bit.ly/QBrzfn

Occupy Wall Street: @OccupyWallSthttps://twitter.com/OccupyWallSt

#29S Main call:

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f … levant_count = 1


The Netherlands:


Protest Locations throughout Spain – here are their websites, or Facebook pages: http://bit.ly/QylOzf

In Boston, they will have a solidarity protest at noon: http://bit.ly/UWc848

Anonymous released this video in Spanish:http://youtu.be/zbRFsmd2lgU
Spain, Portugal brace for new wave of austerity protests: http://fxn.ws/PM86XJ
Portugal’s protest movement unites to fight cuts:http://bit.ly/Ssl2zL

On Facebook, the following pages should be covering it, aside from ours, of course:
Occupy Wall Street:
International Communication – 15M Occupy Indignados: http://on.fb.me/QMjJws
europeans against the political system:http://on.fb.me/QmEYEL
Artigo 21.º: http://on.fb.me/SkNBzH
Occupy Spain: http://on.fb.me/OuQL8H
Occupy Barcelona: http://on.fb.me/PyyF1i
Rescue Democracy: http://on.fb.me/V8VwVh
Catena Umana Attorno Al Parlamento Italiano:http://on.fb.me/Ssjp5f

Protests Locations in Spain:
Convocatorias del #29S en España
Alicante: Plaza de la Montañeta 19:00.http://www.facebook.com/events/510388865655560/
Almería Plaza Juan Cassinello 18h.https://www.facebook.com/events/270967276356104/
Asturias: 18h frente a la Junta Electoralhttps://twitter.com/acampadaxixon/status/251425883901001728
BarcelonaPlaça Catalunya 18h, Pla de Palau 18:30http://www.iaioflautas.org/
Bilbao Plaza Moyua (frente a Subdelegación del Gobierno) a las 18:00
Cádiz Subdelegación de gobierno 18hhttps://www.facebook.com/events/351328678292930/
Coruña Obelisco 18:00
Denia Plaça de la constitució 18h.https://www.facebook.com/events/504067962939040/
Elche https://www.facebook.com/events/510809308931705/
Estepona Ayuntamiento 18hhttps://www.facebook.com/events/108943039260346/
Granada Rodeará la Subdelegación de Gobierno a las 18:00 horas
Huelva Ayuntamiento 18h.http://www.facebook.com/events/281431641972760/
Jerez Ayuntamiento a las 12h.https://www.facebook.com/events/283831611718592/
León Plz. Botines 19h. http://www.tomalacalleleon.org/29s-no-a-la-represion-policial-libertad-detenidos-25-s-madrid
Málaga Pz Constitucion 18hhttps://www.facebook.com/events/476092875757208/
Mallorca Plaça de Cort a las 18h.https://www.facebook.com/events/229826997144847/
Murcia: sábado 29, Delegación de Gobierno a las 19h. http://murcia25s.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/el-29-murcia-vuelve-a-madrid-y-a-nuestra-delegacion/
Ourense: Subdelegación del gobierno 19h.https://www.facebook.com/events/368350263241514/
Oviedo frente a la Junta General del Principado de Asturias a las 18hhttps://www.facebook.com/events/357718474315010/
Plasencia Plz. Mayor 12:30https://www.facebook.com/events/337400339689437/
Santander Delegación de Gobierno a las 18h.https://www.facebook.com/events/462116340478398/
Santiago de Compostela Praza do Toural 19h.https://www.facebook.com/events/446812992029088/
Tarragona Plaça de la Imperial Tarraco a las 18.30h.https://www.facebook.com/events/355513837865717/
Tenerife Parlamento de Canarias 19hhttps://www.facebook.com/events/321529004612943/
Valencia Corts Valencianes a las 18h. http://www.barriodelcarmen.net/nube/movimiento/item/371-directo-25s
Valladolid Plz España 19h.http://www.facebook.com/events/468613803178842/
Vigo Farola 18h. https://www.facebook.com/events/443754459009367/
Vilagarcía de Arousa, Pontevedra, Galicia Praza de Ravella 19h.http://www.facebook.com/events/504067962939040/
Zaragoza Plaza del Pilar 18h.https://www.facebook.com/events/370184776393483/


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