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Jerry Davis

Religion in the media, in American life and in the pubic sector to many people is, or has become a subject for much debate, much anger and much hate. Mis-information, tailored news media stories, political agendas and as well, religious agendas on ALL sides has made this a volatile subject.

The widespread belief that one can see when actually paying attention, can be concluded that religion is bad, because it separates and angers people. In my opinion, the United States has driven hard the assumed “fact” that religion is not a public issue, that is does not belong in the open debate and that “political correctness” must be observed less one insult, or offend the other.

Thus we have hate, we have untruths and myths about all religion being very hard to dispel or to be discussed without romanticism and sentimentality involved in these discussions. People are taught from a young age that religion is not a major subject in our culture, it has no place in politics, and that it must be bad, if it lays down any responsibility or roles upon people to conform to their “religion”.

YET….in America, we conform to the “religious” style oppressive tactics of DHS, TSA, ICE, and many other things, the IRS, and we do not war with them, are they not even more oppressive than religion? If one says, I give ten percent of my income to the church, a lot of people, that freely and openly support illegal and criminally enforced taxes, blindly paying them without question, will condemn someone for giving money to a spiritual or religious cause but yet, they will support the mob like actions of our government, or, they will debate it with facts, yet when this is attempted with religion of any kind, it is considered almost taboo. People become angry, they feel threatened, or that their own, morality seems in question, and that “how dare you” question my beliefs” attitude comes about, this is not logical, it is not reasonable, it is childish and it is arrogant.

Federal governments role in religion, if a religious group is seen taking in too much money are looked at as possible fanatics, but yet the IRS and our government can enforce these strong arm tactics to take, to steal, income from the American people, without a cause, but just. Because. Yet it is taught that this is perfectly okay?

We look at school, at education as a must, yet most parents go along with a religiously followed course of education in the United States. In this , I mean that they have rules, they have stipulations that have to be met to be accepted, there are dress codes, some that would be considered if in religion, oppressive and forced. Yet, many Americans want to say that religion, that calls for dress code is wrong?

Religion is not what creates bad situations, it is not what creates hate, or greed, or bigotry in all religion, it is people, it is Darwinist education policies, it is the expulsion of religion in our education, the dismissal of religion as a by product of society instead of a mainline in America for teaching morality, integrity and respect.

The mindset of many, would be that religion should not be discussed, it should be swept into a corner and not be brought into discussion, and the morality and integrity brought into the world through true religion, which is not wars, and hate, and prejudice, these are teachings of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and dictators who are frightened of losing control over the population to any other issue and not serving the “powers that be” but rather in serving Allah ( God, yes the word itself means “God is One).

Religion is a real, logical, truthful fact of life, that has to be looked at realistically and realize, that there is no compulsion in any religion, that forcefully or purposely shoving religion on any one is not a true religious trait when looked through the truth, that practicing the love of Allah, (God), the fact that I have to put this in parenthisis should show the bias that exist) ) caring for one another the way all the Abrahamic books teach, one can use their common sense and morality to know that killing, persecuting, maiming, wars of aggression and hate towards others are not in fact religion but are bigotry, in ANY religion



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2 comments on “The Truth About Religion and Mankind | THE JEENYUS CORNER

  1. Great Post I’m not a Muslim or Jew but this was a great post! I will be defiantly Re-blogging this!

    • Yeah, we have all been tricked, Muslims, Jews and Us Christians alike, into thinking we are each other’s enemies, when it’s the luciferian world elite we should all be fighting against. Hell NO to the NWO!


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