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Kelly McRae

Money is a representation of time and space, which on the gradation of reality, puts it somewhere in between the tooth fairy and a refrigerator.  It’s been described as a bartering tool, a method, or a tangible item like gold.  Money operates to standardize the value of production and exchange.  When you produce a good or service and then exchange it for a different but equal good or service (which in and of itself represents time, space, or energy) money names that transaction.

Usury is a different beast altogether.  I came up with (or more accurately, consciousness bubbled up to me) ANTI USURY as the theme for weeGlobal nearly a year ago.  The Fifth Page researches things in need of exposure, not yet settled.  The weeLearn page explores how to get the the Fifth Page.  And once you’ve dug past the Fifth page of questions, you’ll be well on your way to thoughts of anti-usury.  I initially defined usury in much broader terms, but now I see the time value of ‘following the money.’    And I couldn’t conceive of stopping my research in some arbitrary year like 1913.  I went back 13,000 years.  Actually I went further back, before that seminal warming event, and satisfied myself that usury was probably not present in the human condition over 10,000 years ago.  Back in those eons, life was still rough and tumble enough that war games for food, water and territory were for real, not play.  Therefore, true loss of life was kept to an absolute minimum by the law of nature.  However, with the epic warming event 12,000 years ago (I know I am hopping around 1000 years or so here, but none of this happened in a single generation.)  But once things warmed up, it got a little easier to thrive.  Think Clovis spears and agriculture, domestication of livestock and puppies for companionship.  But along with this rise in easier living, usury became ubiquitous.  Early on it appears most UNpalatable, the most pure in its evil intent.  But with each passing epoch, usury gained a greater foothold in the hearts and minds of otherwise rational, empathetic people. The mask and morality began to hold hands.

If we judge the history of humanity as a species, and compare it to the life of a single human, many intuit we are at the end of our rambunctious teens.  Gone are the infant days when we functioned with awareness of our umbilical attached directly to the earth. (There is an entire boring blog on this issue)  The testosterone teen years of obnoxious expansion and greed, war mongering and profiteering, have run their course.  What remains is for humanity to peacefully segue into adulthood.  And most people just need to understand usury, what it is and isn’t, and how to fix the problem today.

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  1. Thank you for this! I was wondering where that big peak in my stats came from ;). Namaste


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