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Disarmament: YOU FIRST- by Erik Garcés | THE JEENYUS CORNER


Erik Garcés

Its common for those who take misnamed “public service” jobs to do so because they genuinely want to help people. Somewhere along the line each officer of the State must realize and come to terms that he or she is employed not to protect the public but to serve the state.

Once they realize their true function is as a fee collector along side the highway or enforcing absurdities that the state insists are law, some leave and go in to genuine public service. Emergency medical, fire or some look for promotions away from direct public contact. However most accept the logical fallacy they work under and continue to enforce the will of the state.

They engage in this cognitive dissonance by playing mind games with themselves to justify the crimes they commit by thinking of the genuinely evil people they occasionally do remove from society. All the while ignoring the harm they have caused. A few broken eggs for the omelet perhaps…

In my 42 years, I have experienced many encounters with the police. Some were violent and few were benign. Once I understood the true purpose of the modern police force, their unquestionable, unique and monopolistic powers, I came to the unavoidable conclusion that no matter how well intentioned the individual, the very system itself is a cancer on a any society that means to be free.

I deeply feel that competitive and privately funded justice as existed before the age we live in, a mere 80 years ago, would return the balance of power to the people where it belongs. Since this is outside both the memories and conditioning we have had forced upon us since childhood, most will not see this fact of history. As it stands today, the police have a tremendous power to do serious harm to individuals. Injury that the Common Law judicial system was created in large part to prevent.

Speaking from first hand knowledge as well as my own research, merely arresting someone, forget trial and conviction – just the mere act of an arrest is a life changing event that can forever ruin personal opportunities. The financial costs involved for the individual are incredibly destructive while the state has virtually unlimited resources and is essentially unaccountable for this harm they cause.

Thus you are NOT innocent until proven guilty. You are punished without conviction!

Of course there is terrible crime. But we seldom discuss why. The changes to the normal balance of power in society, the eminent human conditions which were tampered with and ignored do not ever enter the public’s consciousness. As in many areas of the public discourse, it is controlled argument. We may discuss crime and criminals, punishment and people – but never are we allowed to question the nature of the system itself. There will always be crimes as long a there are people. But crime had traditionally been dealt with on a deterrent basis rather than one of reaction after the fact.

Thus the police do not and could not ever protect you. There simply are not enough of them and when seconds count, at best they are minutes away. What worked for thousands of years was: self defense, common sense counter measures and a healthy dose of personal responsibility.

Once we surrendered our responsibilities to the State, we opened the door for complete control by it. As Jefferson said: “Any government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.

If we mean to put Leviathan back in its cage, we must at first accept responsibility for ourselves. That means rejecting the police, the welfare and the warfare committed in our name.

Of course the overwhelming, I mean some 98% of society disagrees with me. In some cases vehemently so. The conditioning we’ve all endured from childhood has inculcated the masses with the idea that the state is benevolent. The state will protect you.

We’ve abdicated our rights in exchange for an illusion of safety. From the multitude of TV programs showcasing the police as the saviors and heroes – to the school teachers and parents who universally teach small kids that if there is a problem, dial 911.

Breaking this conditioning from a system where rote memorization and regurgitation of facts is taught, rather than questioning, using logic and arriving at your own ideas, is quite literally impossible.

Only from direct and repeated experience will some, SOME people ever get it. In the meantime, thinking people who do see the system for the control grid that it is will continue to be persecuted. Both socially and legally. Only the mathematically inevitable end of the paper dollar will change this when the state will no longer have the funds to sustain this level of tyranny.



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