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Who is Robert Gay, and why Romney shouldn’t boast | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Debbie McCord Skousen

Update: Mr. Meier has kindly commented in the comment section*: “I was advisor to Howard Hughes for many years. I know the entire story on how Howard Hughes was destroyed by certain individuals. My family and I suffered for many years since 1970. You could view my site at Johnhmeier.com, Regards. John Meier”.

Mr. Meier’s website is an interesting read. Thank you Mr. Meier for taking the time to comment and share your experience.  (link to John H. Meier’s site)

*The Comment made by Mr. Meier is in the original post on Debbie McCord Skousen’s blog*

Robert Gay, a partner of Mitt Romney’s from Bain Capital, has an ad out for Mitt Romney regarding how Mitt stopped work at Bain Capital and had fellow Bain executives take the day off to go looking for Gay’s daughter, Melissa Gay, in New York. Melissa had skipped out on mom and dad and taken off to New York City to a rave party.

Bain Capital is a company formed by Mitt Romney.

Robert Gay is a fellow Mormon Church member. What is not being told in the ad, nor does the press tell, Robert Gay is the son of Frank William Gay, aka Bill Gay. Bill Gay, is better known for his role as Howard Hughes primary care-taker who controlled Howard Hughes and the Hughes Corporation. Bill Gay became the Vizier for Summa Corp., a Hughes corporation. Bill Gay was dubbed the head of the Mormon Mafia, the name given the six Mormon men who surrounded Howard Hughes and kept Hughes in isolation and out of public view. It has been claimed William Gay helped his son Robert take over four billion dollars illegally from Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the use of his company, Bain Capital, and derivatives contracts. .

Gay’s control over Hughes was extensive. Howard Hughes: The Untold Story By Peter Harry Brown, Pat H. Broeske write, Dr. Wilbur Thain, Bill Gay’s brother-in-law, and a Mormon physician was the man who supplied Howard Hughes drugs the last two years of Hughes life. And Dr. Norman Crane” illegally supplied drugs to Howard Hughes for twenty years”. Crane testified against Thain when Crane was indicted by a Federal Grand.

Gay controlled Howard Hughes and Hughes companies during a turbulent time in American history, the time of the Pentagon Papers and Gemstone, the planned break-in of Hank Greenspun safe. Greenspun was the editor of the Las Vegas Sun and was said to have had incrementing documents on Hughes. Hughes was supplying the plane for whisking away of the men out of country after the break-in. This was all planned on Bill Gay’s watch.

Gay’s control over Hughes was lock and key, which no one could break.

“Some Hughes outside loyalists jokingly claimed the newly named SUMMA Corporation, which Bill Gay controlled, was a synonym for Southern Utah Mormon Missionary Association, others, Stall Until More Money Arrives.”

Now William Gay’s son works for Mitt Romney. Does this make Mitt Romney Don Vito Corleone?

As a note, Romney has shown little concern for the children who were victims of childhood sexual abuse the Romney family covered up for decades in the Mormon Church, in regions the Romney family controlled. Children lives were destroyed as the Romney’s covered-up their assaults. Mothers who rebelled against being silent about the sexual abuses done to their children, were threatened by Mormon leaders under the control of the Romney family that ‘the church’ would see they lost everything. Which meant the Romney’s would see to it. Other parents, due to over loyalty to the church leadership stayed silent after being told by area leaders ‘God’s work would be hurt’ if reports were made to the police.



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