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Controversial 9/11 film soars to #1 on PBS, breaks local records | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Elliott Freeman
Digital Journal

A daring new documentary that uses scientific analysis to challenge the official 9/11 story became the most popular film on PBS during the week of the 9/11 anniversary, which followed its record-breaking broadcast on Colorado Public Television (CPT12).

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out made its broadcast TV premiere on CPT12 (formerly KBDI) last month as part of a fundraising drive, according to a recent Digital Journal report. The premiere broadcast, which is available to view for free online, became the #1 “most watched” and “most shared” video on PBS online on September 11, and held the top spot for over a week. (The documentary, produced by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, currently ranks as the #4 “most watched” video and the #1 “most shared” video.)

CPT12 has also seen an impressive response at its website, CPT12.org. “The webpage for the broadcast has received more hits than any program page in the history of CPT12.org,” said Shari Bernson, Director of Development at CPT12, in an email to the Digital Journal. Web traffic statistics from Alexa.com also show CPT12.org receiving a huge boost in traffic, which began during the August 18 premiere of Experts Speak Out and ran through the 9/11 anniversary. In addition, it marked the first time that a video produced by CPT12 gained recognition as one of the most watched films on PBS nationwide.

According to Bernson, CPT12 has a tradition of delivering information to the public that other news outlets are unwilling to cover. “I’m glad that CPT12 can provide a service that encompasses airing content not addressed in mainstream media,” she said. “This is the reason why I work at this station. We’re not afraid to take on issues.”

The film’s director, Richard Gage, AIA, also commented on the historic outcome. “I am delighted to see that so many people are not only watching our film but also sharing it with their friends and family,” he said in an interview with the Digital Journal.

So far, CPT12 is the only PBS affiliate that has broadcast Experts Speak Out, but other stations have inquired about airing the film as well.

Even PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler, who criticized the documentary in a recent editorial report, acknowledged that CPT12 should have the freedom to air it. “I have no problem with CPT12 or any station running controversial, against-the-grain programming,” Getler wrote. “That’s okay and often a good thing.”

While Getler characterized the claims made by the 40 technical professionals in Experts Speak Out as “preposterous and simply beyond belief”, he also admitted that out of the 230 comments posted at CPT12.org about the film, only seven or eight were negative.

“I think it’s great that so many people have left comments in general,” Bernson said. “The fact that they are overwhelmingly positive is more of an indicator that people are still interested in the subject of 9/11.”

According to Gage, the successful broadcast of Experts Speak Out on public TV may be just the beginning for this film, which is backed by over 1700 architects and engineers who are calling for a new 9/11 investigation. “We are eager to partner with other media outlets to get this vital information out to the public,” Gage explained. “We thank CPT12 for taking the lead, and we look forward to educating more audiences around the country about the explosive 9/11 evidence.”



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