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Erik Garcés: Abandonment- The Controllers Have Forsaken This Puppet | THE JEENYUS CORNER


Erik Garcés

We’re witnessing something rare in the American political discourse. With the understanding that money power controls both sides of the false Left/Right spectrum, it hasn’t made any real difference who sits at the head of the table in decades.

Oh sure there are stark differences in the two parties and each president has made changes to his own liking. However, as we’re all kept distracted with arguments over issues that the elite don’t care about and ultimately have never affected the course of our nation, the very real topics we should be discussing have been ignored. So much so that in some cases, discussing the facts of these subjects, actual facts, has you painted as a “conspiracy theorist”.

My analysis is that there is either a schism among the elites themselves or money power has expressed it’s collective will – that Barack Obama must go. My money is on the latter. Why would I say this? Please know that I am NOT, and let me repeat because the trolls will ignore it anyway to make their foolish political points, I AM NOT ADVOCATING OR OPPOSING ANY CANDIDATE.

I am basing my opinion here on three separate indicators. We know the mind control media is operated completely at the behest of money power. A mere five corporations control nearly all radio, TV, print and most internet service providers.

Using the core principle that all government is by consent of the governed, its easy to arrive at the conclusion that anything you see, read or hear in the mind control media about generating that consent. Therefore, nothing happens in a bubble.

In no particular order:

1. The massive popularity and financial success of Dinesh D’Souza’s political documentary film “2016: Obama’s America” could not have happened without the tacit approval of money power. Hollywood is completely dominated by the pro Obama crowd and despite their opposition and the deliberate obstacles involved in distribution, this film is now the number two grossing documentary of all time behind Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”.

2. The August 27th edition of Newsweek, as establishment media as it gets, showcases on their front page the President in a departing pose with the caption: “Hit the road Barack. Why we need a new President.” There is no possible way this could ever be allowed if money power was pushing for this man’s reelection. One could presume limited hangout perhaps, an operation designed to deal with unflattering news or information by a minimal acknowledgment. However with the polls this close, I doubt it.

3. The incredible rise in the price of gasoline. Its well known in alternative media and contrarian economics that money power rigs the market place for commodities. Using computerized trading, futures can be sold or bought millions of times a second.

This is seen by the elite as necessary since the US dollar, a fiat currency, is essentially backed by the deal Henry Kissenger made with the Saudi’s. We protect them, they only sell oil in dollars, exclusive of any other currency. This, among several methods, maintains the value of the paper dollar precisely where money power wants it any any time.

There is a body of evidence, conclusive to many, that the precious metals markets in particular are also manipulated. In fact, the evidence is so overwhelming that silver is manipulated that there are thousands of investors grabbing up as much as they can in preparation for the skyrocketing price explosion to hit. Have you noticed all those “We Buy Gold and Silver” signs lately?

If the elites wanted Barack Obama back for another term, we would be enjoying comfortable pricing in gasoline. That we’re not is either testament that money power has lost control of the markets due to the incredible sums of cash they’ve printed, or as I suspect, they no longer wish Obama to remain in the White House.

I suspect that despite there being little real difference to Americans whether Obama or Romney wins, it means something to the elite. My hunch is that they feel the election of a Republican will slow the amazing rate of awakening to reality which has swept America since 2008. Similar to the way so many restive, anti-federal government types calmed after the election of George W. Bush in the wake of Bill Clinton’s ATF and FBI excesses during the 1990’s.

In any event, the die is cast. No matter who is President in January, the mathematically unavoidable end of the paper dollar is near. Desperate attempts by the elite to hold on to control will mean more wars, more police state and infinitely more suffering. Regardless of which puppet the elite manage to slip into the oval office.



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