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Silver Is The Most Undervalued Asset In The History Of The World! | THE JEENYUS CORNER



In this must watch market update, Greg Mannarino discusses the recent pull-back in crude, stating that the long term trend for crude is up, up, UP. He states that the current pull-back is creating a MASSIVE FLOOR and is extremely bullish, and that ‘after this current pull-back I am more bullish on crude than I have ever been! There is NO WHERE FOR COMMODITIES TO GO BUT UP!‘

Mannarino states that the Fed is in absolute complete panic mode by announcing an open-ended, unlimited, QE to ABSOLUTE INFINITY. He states that the Fed is currently setting up the biggest crash in the stock and currency markets that the world has ever seen in the history of the world, but that people who are holding commodities like crude oil will make out like bandits.

Mannarino emphasizes that the best way to do this is to hold physical assets in your hand like gold, and more specifically, silver. He concludes by stating that ‘SILVER IS THE MOST UNDERVALUED ASSET IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!! That is a fact my friends!!‘





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