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The Info-Warfare Continues: Foxy Cody’s Reality Check | THE JEENYUS CORNER

I posted the link to a YouTube video of Ben Swann’s Reality Check to the Facebook page of Cody Alcorn. Cody is a local news reporter for WHNS Fox Carolina’s Morning News.
(Click Image to see the post on Facebook)
Below are the comments that have been posted,
(mostly by me, spreading TRUTH) on the link I shared.


Amandia ******  Nothing personal but why you keep bashing Cody Alcorn?

Marshall Cantstopthejeenyus Culpepper I wouldn’t call it bashing HIM, as a person, but when they say things on the news that I know are not accurate, I have to call them on it. I’m sure he realizes it’s not just him (although you don’t realize that), I treat all reporters generally the same. I just think people need to know facts, and not what media corporations tell their anchor’s to report. I may be alone in this, but I think that news (especially international news) needs to be factual. Otherwise, you have a whole bunch of people thinking something stupid, like ALL Arabs want to kill ALL Americans over a YouTube video. To me, it’s important for people to know that Muslims do NOT hate us no where NEAR as it is reported that they do… and if they did, it would have more to do with the HUNDREDS of military bases in HUNDREDS of countries around the world. You may not get it, but if China had a forward operating base next door to your daughter’s school, I think it would be offensive to you. Am I wrong?

Amandia ****** Me personally,I think all reporters are full of shit…they are not there during all of the action…they are only there for the after math going only on what they hear…also,to me,this is america…others should keep their ass on their side of boarders…best thing to do is get Oboma out of office!

Marshall Cantstopthejeenyus Culpepper And you thing replacing Obama with Mitt Romney will make ANY bit of difference? That’s laughable at best. Let me clue you in on a little something, sweetheart, since stuff like this NEVER gets reported… but THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! 1. In 2008 Obama’s BIGGEST campaign donor was Goldman Sachs (he won, they got TRILLIONS in bailout money, YOUR money) This year, in 2012 they’re Mitt Romney’s Biggest piggy bank (but not b/c they dislike Obama, they’re still his number two source of cash). 2. Both support the SAME policies. Vote support the NDAA (indefinite detention of US CIVILIANS with NO EVIDENCE and NO TRIAL) 3. BOTH support the (UN)Patriot act which shredded our 4th and 5th amendment rights. 4. They are BOTH pro-abortion (Romney can LIE all he want, but he’s always been pro-choice, not to mention that the majority of his personal wealth came from owning “morning after pill” companies, AND is taking campaign cash from those abortion in a bottle producers) 5. Romney will Repeal Obama-Care??? Why would he do that when he helped WRITE IT! 6. Both Romney and Obama support the Federal Reserve (which is NOT a government agency, they’re just a fraud, posing as an official government entity. They’re as federal as FedEx! and in their 100 year existence, our dollar has lost NINETY-FIVE percent of it’s value, Imagine that.) 7. Both have said basically; “Screw congress, if we want to start a war, we talk to lawyers and the United Nations”… and that’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL. 8. Both support bailing out the mega-banks who caused our economic condition to begin with. So, why does NO ONE REPORT THIS!?!?!? Maybe it’s because all media corporations are ALL in some way shape or form, owned by just 6 mega-corporations. So, yeah, you keep believing that Mitt’s going to save anyone from Obama.

Amandia ******  I didn’t say Mitt should be in office…they both full of shit and will say anything to get in office but its a whole different ball game once they are in office…I’m not voting cuz I’m for niether…I’m in the medical field,one of the most highest paying fields and thanks to Obama care,my job is in major jeapordy because 99% of patients are medicare based…he said he was pulling our troops and bring them home,which he has failed to do as well…I’m just waiting to see what kind of crap that gets started in Lybia…

Marshall Cantstopthejeenyus Culpepper It’s not about Libya, it’s an excuse to put boots on the ground there. Like I told someone the other day, the 50 marines will soon turn to 50,000… they’ll manufacture an excuse to push on in to Syria, all while Israel and Iran plays the “Mine is bigger” game. When that conflict starts, then China and Russia will come out to play. They’ve been planning it for years. Adviser (puppet-master) to the Presidents (doesn’t matter which president), Mr. Henry Kissinger has been moving every country around like chess pieces. He will be very pleased to have a thermonuclear war break out. World War 3, the final war to usher in their New World Order. I wish I could say I’m making this up, but the research doesn’t lie. Most people don’t know that Kissinger once said (about OUR troops): “Military men are dumb animals. Worthless pawns to be used in advancing our foreign policy objectives.” Make you wonder why he was an adviser to one president, let alone working for EVERY president all the way back to JFK.

Cody Alcorn @Amanda** He has the right to express his opinions how he so chooses. It’s unfortunate. He’s actually written a blog where he attacks me as well. It’s unfortunate. (** Note, the name is misspelled despite the fact that it he was speaking directly to AmandIa, and her name is on here already x3!!!**)

Marshall Cantstopthejeenyus Culpepper I can agree, but I do also think it’s unfortunate to have news ‘reporters’ that are inaccurate in saying that the protests in the middle east are ALL over a YouTube video, and nothing else. Never mind the TWENTY-EIGHT people killed in Yemen by Drone Airstrikes, never mind the actual leader of the group that launched the attack clearly listing the reasons for the attack (none of which were a youtube video). All those are just irrelevant coincidences, huh? It’s all about a video, you guys are right. Cause people don’t like YouTube, but they LOVE getting bombed by remote control airplanes.

Marshall Cantstopthejeenyus Culpepper It’s also unfortunate to have news media make it out like EVERYBODY in Libya was in support of the attack that killed Chris Stevens. Yet they never talk about the HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of Libyans that had a protest against the attacks the day after. Libyans holding up signs saying “Sorry America, this is NOT the behavior of Islam or our Profit” , “Benghazi is AGAINST terrorism” , “Chris Stevens was a FRIEND to ALL Libyans” and “Thugs and killers DO NOT represent Benghazi nor Islam”. Yeah, you guys are right, showing that isn’t fair reporting, but showing a group of “angry Muslims” and then IMMEDIATELY cutting over to footage of “peaceful Israeli’s” at the Wailing Wall is not bias and partial in ANY WAY. Never mind the fact that you guys haven’t reported at all on the American citizen and anti-war protester who was MURDERED by Israeli Defense Forces when they ran over the UN-ARMED, CHRISTIAN, AMERICAN young lady named Rachel Corrie. News is supposed to tell ALL SIDES, not spread war propaganda and blind obedience to authority by suggesting we have to comply with UNLAWFUL orders from police on a power trip when a Texas cop man-handles a 77 year old woman with medical problems for not handing her papers over fast enough.

Marshall Cantstopthejeenyus Culpepper And the blog I wrote that is “attacking” is less of opinion, and more of fact. I merely pointed out the difference between an actual REPORTER(re-port-er) somebody who reports news: somebody whose job is to find out facts and use the print or broadcast media to tell people about them, verses a REPEATER(re·peat·er) somebody or something repeating: somebody or something that repeats something because it is what they’re told to say, without researching anything. I remember when I received the morning wake up call from you a while back. I recall you telling me that you guys at the desk don’t make any decisions on the reporting. So, when you’re told to say that all the protests starting around the world are all over a stupid (and fraudulent, according to Anna Gurji, who was one of the people portrayed on the film.) YOU TUBE video and the video alone, you just repeat it. I have no personal issue with anyone, you included, but I do get pissed off when I see things being reported in a way that is a downright spin, instead of the neutral and unbiased duty of the press to be a watchdog for the benefit of the people. Instead, you guys NEVER mention the FACT that the FEDERAL RESERVE is a PRIVATELY OWNED BANK (as stated in federal court cases, congressional records, and even a statement made by former Fed chairman, Alan Greenspan) which is the source of all our economic problems. No, instead, you repeat the propaganda on the teleprompter that tells people that the new Quantitative Easing program is going to help the economy, when the only thing it’s doing is KILLING the US DOLLAR! And the harm the Fed is doing is RUINING AMERICA. The QE3 will finish our economy off, and that’s illustrated by the fact that the Egan-Jones statistical rating organization dropped the US credit rating from (AA) to (AA-) and stated it’s BECAUSE of the QE3, and the negative effect it will have on the value of our money. But you don’t say that, because it’s not on your teleprompter.

Amandia ****** As far as news reporters go,they reveal what information that is reported to them…some facts may be accurate,some may be inaccurate…they are going on only what they are told and its there job to relay the information that is giving to them…I just so happen to like Cody Alcorn and watch 21 news every morning…as far as all the middle east attacks,the only people who actually knows what happened is god and the attackers themselves…that’s a situation were america and others will have to wait and see what happens…we have been in Iraq for 11 years and still no resolution…that’s just my opinion,nothing personal…

Marshall Cantstopthejeenyus Culpepper  We’ve been in Iraq for only 9 years (invaded in 2003, Afghanistan has been going on for 11), because bush and the neo-conservatives LIED and told us there were major amounts of wmd’s there. The MEDIA (including our local stations) REPEATED that lie, and we haven’t found the first significant WMD, or even evidence of that they were being made. As for as the attackers in Libya, they’ve said why they did it… no video was mentioned. They mentioned the drone strikes, mentioned the detention of the “blind sheikh”, they mentioned the HUNDREDS of permanent military bases we’ve set up in all the countries we’ve conquered in the past decade, but not the movie. There are reporters out there, like Swann, that do their homework and work hard to challenge officials to get the truth, instead of just repeating things the government claims. As far as liking people, I like the whole morning crew, as people. I watch daily too not for news, but for the entertainment aspect. And you have no idea how much I actually bite my tongue when I see things being ignored (or possibly even suppressed), in the media company’s (not the actual people on the tv) attempt to control public opinion.

Stay tuned for more updates. While you’re at it, click here, to add your thoughts to the thread on Facebook, and if you’re with me in the thought that reporters are responsible for doing more than just reading the words on the teleprompter, show your support by clicking like on all my comments. Thanks! (Unless it gets deleted, or commenting is disabled, which wouldn’t be a first…)


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