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Death Of US Ambassador To Be Used As War Propaganda As Elections Near | THE JEENYUS CORNER



The death of the Ambassador is nothing more than a cold and calculated assassination, orchestrated and carried out by the US CIA and Israeli Mossad for the purpose of giving the Obama Administration an easy path to an attack on Iran before the 2012 Presidential Election in November and more importantly before the October Elections in Israel.

At this point in the ball game the plan has backfired. The uprising in the Middle East has gone out of control and we the American nationals of the United States are not falling for the ruse. The mainstream propaganda says they (the Muslims around the world) are attacking “our” embassies (not representative of we American nationals) and burning “our” flags (again not representative of our Constitution) and so we (young American nationals) should invade Iran.

The embassies the people of the Middle East are attacking no more contain members of a United States constitutional government than does the White House and Capitol in Washington DC. These embassies with USA stamped on the outside of them are nothing more than militarized outposts through which US military might is applied on the indigenous peoples for the enforcement of international Zionist corporate policies.

In short, they are there to protect Zionist international corporate interests, which as witnessed in our own country, have nothing to do with the interests of we the American nationals.

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