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1999 Policy Analysis: Usurping Legislative Power by Executive Orders and National Emergencies | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Alec Scheer

I am, in the following paragraphs of this article, going to be discussing a policy analysis paper (No. 358) published, October 28th, 1999, entitled “Executive Orders and National Emergencies How Presidents Have Come to “Run the Country” by Usurping Legislative Power,” authored by William J. Olson and Alan Woll. It is a twenty-nine page analysis paper going over how presidents and their executive power have (they continue to do so) unconstitutionally usurped legislative power. Included in this compelling analysis is a history of presidential directives.

I would like to go over one section of the analysis with you, leaving it up to you to read it for yourself to concoct your own opinion. The section reads as follows:

“Clinton’s War against Yugoslavia

As a final example of rule through executive order, just this year President Clinton waged war, through NATO, against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Much like President Abraham Lincoln had done at the outset of the Civil War (discussed below), Clinton, acting alone, relied solely on his power as commander in chief. In no serious sense could his undertaking be characterized as a defensive action compelled by imminent circumstances that made congressional authorization impracticable. The president waged war, plain and simple, without benefit of a congressional declaration of war. Clinton took action primarily under three executive orders. On June 9, 1998, he issued EO 13088, which declared a national emergency, seized the U.S.-based assets of the government of Yugoslavia, and prohibited trade with that country as well as with the constituent republics of Serbia and Montenegro. In March 1999, without prior congressional authority, Clinton deployed and engaged the U.S. Air Force to participate in NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia. He then deployed U.S. troops in neighboring Macedonia and Albania, merely informing Congress of his actions. On April 13, 1999, Clinton issued EO 13119, designating Yugoslavia and Albania as a war zone. On April 20, 1999, Clinton issued EO 13120, ordering reserve units to active duty. In addition, it is believed that there may have been other secret presidential directives relating to the war that were issued as presidential decision directives. 3 0 Again, Clinton’s actions were never expressly authorized by Congress. In fact, on April 28, 1999, Congress overwhelmingly rejected a resolution to declare war against Yugoslavia and also rejected a concurrent resolution “authorizing” the continuation of the air war. Clinton continued the war, nevertheless. On May 1 he announced that NATO would enforce a ban on trade with Yugoslavia. On May 26 and June 2 he notified Congress that he had sent additional troops and aircraft to participate in the war. On June 5 he notified Congress that he had sent still more troops to the front. On June 10 NATO declared the war to be over. On June 12 Clinton informed Congress that he would deploy 7,000 U.S. troops to participate in the Kosovo Security Force (KFOR), where they remain to this day. 3 1 Thus, at this late date in Clinton’s presidency, the tenor of his administration is clear. He continues the practice of presidents since the Progressive Era: ruling and legislating through executive order. Perhaps no one put his admiration for the raw power implicit in that practice more succinctly, and quotably, than did Clinton adviser Paul Begala: “Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kind of cool.” 3 2.”

The excerpt leads me nothing to explain, however, I would like to point out that unconstitutional war being waged by the executive has not just taken place under President Barack H. Obama and President George Bush Jr., but can be dated as taking place all the way back to the Civil War.

Concluding, we need to spread these sorts of reports and documents around instead of regurgitating things others have said to people who would not know otherwise. Providing people with factual documents and reports to read through, whether it be from the government, think tanks, institutes, behind the scene interests (example: David Rockefeller or Bill Gates), or concerned lawyers, and the like, because it will prove to them that this is not a conspiracy in the sense of manufactured misinformation. They cannot argue with proof and factual documents in front of their faces, so please always have copies on hand, if not, please tell them where to find it. One step to ending this world government plan (a world order) is by ending unconstitutional reign, which means: Stop condoning the system, stop voting for purchased politicians, and educate others. The next step is by resisting and arresting the real cause of this global tyranny and corruption which would be: Wealthy interests (politicians, industrialists, bankers, etc).

Read the policy analysis by clicking on the following link: http://www.usa-the-republic.com/emergency%20powers/Government%20Powers.pdf



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