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FEMA Concentration Camp in Hawaii? | THE JEENYUS CORNER

J.W. Macey

FEMA Concentration Camp in Hawaii?

I received an email awhile back from an acquaintance who works for the State of Hawaii on Oahu. The email included the above Google Earth photo that shows a satellite view of the old Naval Air Station Barbers Point on the South West end of the island of Oahu. The email stated that the photo shows a FEMA concentration camp and that I should watch the documentary “Camp FEMA” and I would see.

I originally blew it off as not worth my time looking into but then later I saw something that mentioned Senator Dan Akaka (D) from Hawaii as being on the Senate committee overseeing FEMA. That reminded me of the email I had received earlier and if Senator Akaka was on the FEMA oversight committee it would be natural for him to get his own FEMA camp.

A few days later I had the opportunity to watch the documentary “Camp FEMA” and lo and behold the movie does show a FEMA camp almost exactly like the one in the photo at Barbers Point. The description in the documentary was uncanny to say the least.

Well, by now I was intrigued and so I decided to drive out to Barbers Point and have a look for myself. Yes, it is there and there are signs leading to it saying it is a car storage facility. It is located at the farthest southwest part of the air field and is fenced off with a guard at the entrance.

Ok, why should anyone be concerned? This week at the Honolulu City and County Council they are going to vote on a resolution 12-74 CD-1 submitted by Councilman Tom Berg. The title of the resolution is; PROPOSING AN AMENDMENT TO CHAPTER 21, REVISED ORDINANCES OF HONOLULU 1990 (THE LAND USE ORDINANCE), AS AMENDED, RELATING TO TEMPORARY SHELTERS.

This proposed amendment was originally billed as moving the homeless into affordable shelter but now is billed as providing temporary housing for farm workers. What the amendment is asking for is relaxing the building codes to allow people to live in extremely small off the grid housing that is not up to code.

This relaxation of the housing codes would in effect legalize the FEMA Concentration Camp.

As Martin Luther King said, “Everything Hitler did was legal”.

Mahalo for your Aloha Senator Akaka!



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