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Romney links to Death Squads, Hughes and Nixon Corruption | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Debbie McCord-Skousen

Despite the religious, pro-family and pristine image Mitt Romney attempts to give this nation, the truth is he is none of these things. “A criminal syndicate boss” may be a more fitting description of Mitt Romney.  “Worse than Nixon” is also a fitting statement for Mitt. For Mormon true believers, Mitt fulfills the words of the Book of Mormon – a Gadianton robber.  Gadianton robbers, according to the Book of Mormon were a secret society of men bound by secret oaths and covenants. They were men who appeared religious, were judges and leaders over the Book of Mormon people in ancient America and brought a wave of corruption over the land.  This belief is particular to the Mormon faith. For people without a background on the Mormon belief on the robbers see:


In 2007 Mitt said during  a speech in Florida,   “I owe a great deal to Americans of Latin American descent. When I was starting my business, I came to Miami to find partners that would believe in me, and that would finance my enterprise. My partners were Ricardo Poma, Miguel Duenas, Pancho Soler, Frank Kardonski, and Diego Ribandinarea.”  Mitt failed to tell the American public these South American investors are linked to death squads in El Salvador, and ties to corruption in the Nixon White House.

Who are these men, Romney thanked? Who are the men that also became the seed money for Bain Capital, Partners in Bain, some also run Bain Capital business?

According to Spitfire, an online blog,  Miguel Duenas “is the scion of El Salvador’s 14 families”, Ponacho Soler, is tied to the “Howard Hughes milieu”, and tied to the “El Salvador’s elite”. Diego-Ribadeneira, Frank Kardonski Panama natives “bought the Key Biscayne Bank from Nixon crony Bebe Rebozo”.  Allegations were made during Nixon’s turbulent presidency; the bank was used in money laundering, as well as a go-between in giving Nixon political contributions.

Another name enters into Romney and Bain Capital and that is Frank Morse who served as an attorney for Howard Hughes.

Many of the names are tied back to the former Nixon White House and the takeover of the Hughes Corporation by William Gay and a group that became dubbed the “Mormon Mafia”.    Robert Gay, the son of William Gay, and a  Romney’s former Bain Capital, and fellow Mormon, business partner is only one of many people Romney brought in to partner, invest in and run Bain Capital that link back to Hughes Corporation and the Nixon White House.

During the 2012 election cycle it would be best for Americans to keep a stack of history books on their living room end tables because it seems  Romney feels Americans have forgotten the history of the past forty to fifty years.







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