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Erik Garcés: “Oligopolies and monopolies are the death of liberty” | THE JEENYUS CORNER

By Erik Garcés

There exists a tremendous body of evidence that indicates the destructive connections between government and finance. That most people are unfamiliar with them and rarely pay attention to these things is what lends to the idea that its a ‘conspiracy’. No, it is easily verifiable fact for anyone who takes the five minutes to read about it.

Regulating various industries feeds the concept that government intervention is beneficial and this is sad, because its often harmful. Its also a distraction as the root causes are never addressed, only the symptoms. This is by design as the collective can easily sacrifice an individual to preserve the body of the whole.

What more likely occurs is the individuals actually doing the regulating come from the industries they are supposed to be watching. Often they leave government and go back into their previous line of work. This moral hazard has been the Achilles heel regulating the financial industry in particular.

Railroading, aviation, construction, and a host of others suffer from similar faults. Ensuring this doesn’t happen and that regulators are free from undue influence is difficult but made more so by the incredible amount of money which can be directed at people. Rather than repeating mistakes and compounding what we can now see is stifling regulation on growth ( and helping to maintain the monopoly) I feel the answer comes from the opposite consciousness.

We must stop granting government monopolies and corporation licenses. We complain about Wal-Mart and it’s reliance on Chinese imports. People don’t like Microsoft’s domination of software or how there’s so many TV channels yet all media is controlled by just five companies… How about if there was no ability for a corporation to grow that all encompassing and oppressive?

Oligopolies and monopolies are the death of liberty. It is their unholy alliance with government that hurts us all. If at once we can understand that government is at best a necessary evil and one which must be strictly limited then we can see how mega banks and the corporations that grew up around them have used the power of government to ensure their unprecedented growth and destructive influence.

And this starts with ending the privately owned banking cartel, granted a government monopoly on the issue of the public’s money as interest bearing debt serviced by income taxes. The profits of which are tax exempt themselves. We must end the misleadingly named ‘Federal’ Reserve, which is neither federal nor holding any reserves.


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