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Attorney Richard Gilbert’s Take On Nov. 6th | THE JEENYUS CORNER


Attorney Richard Gilbert, who represented over 400 delegates in a lawsuit against the RNC posted the following on his Facebook Page in regards to the choice we face on Nov. 6.

Some say the police state has already detroyed the Constitution & we will never get it back. I say our freedoms & liberties will be restored

Some say Romney is the nominee of the party. I say Romney is merely the fraudulent nominee and we will take him down

Some say NDAA & the Patriot Act we can live with. I say the Constitution can only die when we allow it to be suspended

Some have weak minds and justify disenfranchising delegates of another party. I say the sanctity of every vote should be respected

Some say it is over. I say it is only just beginning

Some say they will not vote. I say write in Paul

Same say Vote Obama. I say write in Paul

Some say vote for Johnson. I say write in Paul

Some say leave the GOP. I say we should remain united and take over this party. The noise Boehner heard were the winds of Liberty

Some say we should make deals with the GOP .I say to deal with the devil is to become the devil

Some say not to care about disenfranchising Liberty Party Delegates because it is too important to consider it. I say every vote matters

Join the Liberty Movement or get run over by Freedom

Mr. Gilbert has spearheaded a crusade to combat the blatant election fraud committed by the Romney campaign and it’s cohorts at the RNC.

Gilbert was a guest on our radio broadcast, Jeenyus Corner LIVE!, on the day that Judge David Carter granted the RNC’s motion to dismiss the original complaint. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO BROADCAST



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