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Vatican Holocaust: The Great Pentagram of Evil | THE JEENYUS CORNER


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The Holocaust – the mass sacrifice of over eighteen million innocent Protestants, Orthodox Christians, ethnic Jews and minority groups by burning them alive in ovens in Poland and Russia less than seventy years ago by Catholic dictators Adolf Hitler S.J. and Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. represents the largest and most expensive act of mass human sacrifice in history.

The word holocaust is derived from (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστος holókaustos: hólos, “whole” and kaustós, “burnt”).

Holocaust Denial # 1- The Allies Did Not Know
We have spoken at length in the first article of this series of the Vatican Jesuit Holocaust that the Allies not only knew of the Human Sacrifice Camps, but actually kept accurate records on likely extermination rates via tracking rail movements.
This is a terrible evil and slur against the memory of the millions who were murdered as it provides no honesty as to why not one single bomb in World War II was ever dropped on a key Nazi Human Sacrifice Camp- an extraordinary and unprecedented anomaly not repeated on any other infrastructure of the Catholic Dictators during World War II.

Holocaust Denial #2-Victims were not burned alive as a sacrifice
Of all the key denials of the Holocaust that have now successfully been inserted into popular culture it is the lie that victims of the Catholic Dictators in World War II were not burned alive – that the ovens were somehow part of an elaborate and expensive system designed to save money and “hide evidence”.
The perversity of this elimination of the involvement of the Vatican is made even more perverse by the insistence of the Vatican on describing the mass murder by fire of over 18 million innocent people–The Holocaust.
The word Holocaust is oldest theologically correct term still used in relation to the official doctrine of satanists in the burning of people alive. The word “Holocaust” is at least as old as the 3rd Century BCE and comes from the ancient Greek word holokauston, meaning “a completely (holos) burnt (kaustos) sacrificial offering”, or “a burnt sacrifice offered to God”.
Therefore, by insisting the word “Holocaust” be used, the Vatican has hidden its complete complicity in such absolute evil and mass murder in the plain sight of the entire planet, with no one questioning its motive for such a word.
One of the first sets of evidence to be destroyed by Allied command were the long metal stretchers used to carry people to the ovens—stretchers with locks on them so that a person chained on the stretcher could not free themselves.
Nor were these ordinary stretchers, but extended so that a living man, woman or child may be inserted into the oven to die a horrible and cruel death, then for the body (still burning) to be removed a short time later to be transported to the pits.
No credible excuse has yet been provided for these anomalies- existing only to restrain a “living person”, not a corpse and to enable the removal of a “corpse” well before it has been in the oven long enough to be significantly reduced to a few major bone fragments and ash.
To remove any suspicion that the ovens were really used to sacrifice people alive and NOT for cremation, the Allies invented the claim that the gas chambers were used to kill people. This is a particularly horrible lie as it is ultimately unsustainable in the light of mechanical and environmental evidence concerning the use of poisonous chemical agents.
Similarly, the massive bone pits containing the unburnt remains of victims from the Crematoriums were removed by Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. when he was handed Poland as part of the deal at Tehran in 1943 between the Allies.
Yet no effort has been spared over seventy years to emphasize that the gas chambers did indeed function as chambers of death using highly poisonous chemical agents such as Zyklon-B, made by a pharmaceutical company famous for anesthesia nerve agents.

Holocaust Denial #3-There were no gas chambers
As awful and sloppy as David Irving is, he was provided some key technical knowledge that to date has yet to be refuted properly—that is it is impossible to feasibly operate a mass death by gassing operation as claimed by earlier Holocaust revisionism. The United States has extensive documentary evidence of the complexity of death by gassing thanks to the gas chambers used by several states up until recent years.
The evidence suggests three things- it requires a massive amount of effort to maintain an air tight small room free of any leaks, secondly the handling of such deadly chemicals on any large scale would have required far more sophisticated systems as evidenced at the camps and thirdly it takes an extraordinarily long time for one person to die from gassing in a small room, let alone a whole number of people in a large space.
So once the canisters used in the blocks went from nerve agents to render people unconscious in a few minutes, to a deadly gas to kill them, the whole technical feasibility of the holocaust is eventually called into question. The Jesuits who provided Irving with this key piece of information know this. So unless, the truth is revealed- the Nazis burned their victims alive in a religious sacrifice- the gas was just to knock them out for easier processing into the ovens – then Irving and the Vatican will win this debate.
“There were no gas chambers” is now firmly a belief propagated by the Roman Catholic Church through its agents and gaining momentum.

Holocaust Denial #4 – That the Jews were the main target of a political/racist hatred campaign”
The Holocaust Denial that focuses the Holocaust on the Nazi approach to the “Jewish Question” is a horrible lie that has become accepted truth, designed mainly to narrow the focus of the Holocaust from a Catholic versus Heretics massacre -which included Orthodox Christians and Protestant Christian victims as well as Jews.
Because the Holocaust has been deliberately branded as almost exclusively a Jewish event of tragedy, it has succeeded in diverting attention away from the millions of others who perished and the real defining barrier between who lived and who died — excluding some Polish Catholics, if you were Roman Catholic you lived, if you were a heretic you died.
There is no question that several million ethnic Jews were sacrificed in the camps — but there were millions of non-Jews as well – a total of eighteen million people murdered.
The Jewish focus of the Holocaust has been extremely important in eliminating the “Catholic question” from the actions of exclusively Catholic dictators including Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. Franco and Pavelic.
It also set the stage for one of the greatest Holocaust Denials and revisions of the past seventy years- that only six million people were sacrificed by the Catholic Dictators.
Holocaust Denial #5- The Holocaust was political, not religious. The Catholic Church was not involved
One of the most extraordinarily successful Holocaust Denials of the past seventy years has been the successful erasure from public memory of the involvement of the Catholic Church in World War II and specifically the Holocaust.
Today, most people would never have heard the claim that the Catholic Church not only orchestrated World War II, but was behind the Holocaust. But the most important denial that has helped wipe the Catholic Church from the memory of the Holocaust is the false claim that the Holocaust was political, not religious.
Common sense and historic fact proves the cheapest way to dispose of people over thousands of years was to simply starve them and then dig a big hole and put the bodies in it. Yet the Nazis went to extraordinary effort and expense to build the sacrifice camps- effort that could and should have been used directly towards the war effort.
You don’t burn people alive for political reasons- you burn them because of evil religious beliefs — because you are satanists, because you have some agenda. We have discussed much of this over the previous articles.
Yet the overwhelming belief by people is that the Holocaust was purely political, not religious and that the Catholic Church was in no way involved.

Holocaust Denial #6- Only Six Million were murdered by the Nazis
The belief that six million people, overwhelmingly Jewish were murdered by the Nazis is the prevailing cultural belief of 99% of the world. It also happens to be a horrendous lie and denial of the truth of the Holocaust.
Firstly, to reduce the logical time that the Nazis had to kill people, the Allied command shortened the time claimed for when the camps were operating from 1940-1945 to just 1943-1945. Straight away, the logical number of people who could have been killed diminished from at least twelve million to just six million.
But to hide more evidence of killing, both the Allies and the Communists of Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. destroyed evidence of sacrifice camps and/or changed them to labour camps.
It is because of the success of this horrendously evil Holocaust denial- the denial of the truth that at least eighteen million innocent people were sacrificed — that the latest Holocaust Denial has been launched- that only 300,000 died.

Holocaust Denial #7- Only Three Hundred Thousand people were murdered by the Nazis
This sixth key Holocaust Denial- that the Nazis killed less than three hundred thousand people is the latest and most audacious denial yet.
And it is extraordinary that this denial is being played out by none other than the Roman Catholic Church — the Vatican at this very moment.
This denial, the one designed to wholly revise the Holocaust again is based on bringing together all the other denials into one — simply that “there were no gas chambers and common sense tells us the Nazis could not possibly have killed so many people in such bizarre ways”.
One of the strongest pieces of evidence that permits such a lie to unfold is the false claim that the ovens were designed to “dispose of the bodies”. In major crematoriums around the world, an awful truth that is known is that a substantial amount of bone matter remains even after being subjected to several hours of extreme heat.
So quite simply, by falsely claiming the ovens were principally designed to dispose of the bodies defies logic and common sense as the time to “destroy” the evidence for even one body would render the number of people murdered impossible and secondly, there would have existed a massive amount of forensic evidence in bone fragments from all the victims.
In fact the evidence that bodies were removed minutes after being murdered from the ovens and dumped into smouldering pits does exist at every camp. However, for some unexplained reason this crucial fact has been denied by the Allies since they captured the camps at the end of World War II. To deliberately hide the existence of these pits, some Nazi collaborators even came up with the story that these pits were Nazi attempts at “open mass cremation” – yet another absurd lie.
As wholly evil as this denial is, it has the strength of the other denials in place. And in spite of the debate, the denial is gaining ground in the mind of the public — maybe the Holocaust is overblown?
Do not forget the biggest lie- the Holocaust gas chambers and crematorium were to efficiently kill Jews and others
It is easy to become overwhelmed by the millions of words written about the Holocaust, even the few thousand written within these articles. So it is important to re-emphasize the most potent evidence of all concerning the deliberate lies concocted by the Allies to hide the bloody hand of the Vatican in not just supporting the Holocaust- but designing it and ordering it to be done: The claim that the Holocaust was a Nazi plan for “efficient genocide” is the most absurd, illogical and clearly contradictory lies ever to be sold to the public.
It would have taken Nazi engineers just days to dig massive trenches and force people into them, either to be buried alive or shot. Millions could have been efficiently dispatched in weeks, not years and through quick lime- much of the evidence destroyed.
Instead, our governments would have us believe that the extreme expense of building camps, rail roads, gas chambers, guards, crematoria and other infrastructure was all about “efficiency”.
Yet the incredible thing about this Great Big Lie- that defies and contradicts all previous known examples of efficient mass murder – is that it is continued to be taught to each new generation and believed by hundreds of millions.
Why? Because the second a man or woman with an ounce of intelligence comprehends that the Holocaust, the gas chambers and ovens could not have all been constructed for “efficient mass murder” it begs the question – why go to such extreme expense?

Read the rest here…. Pretty shocking stuff.



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