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Retired Air Force Sargent Marilyn Campiz’s Letter To Congressman Dr. Ron Paul | THE JEENYUS CORNER


Marilyn Campiz
SMSgt, USAFR (Ret)

Congressman Paul,

You made me realize I was not alone. I also served in the Air Force (at times the Air Force has felt like the mafia, pulling me back in when I wanted to walk away, 9 years AD, a few months IRR, TR, ART, and then finally 7 years AGR at HQ USSOUTHCOM…20 years). The USAF has three principles they adopted while I was in service to sum up who we are; Integrity First, Service before SELF and Excellence in all that WE do. There were many times that I had the opportunity to excel in leadership positions without regard to my rank. We were TAUGHT to challenge unlawful orders, to question authority and to know that the law, not rank, was our guiding light. I heard rumblings about a Dr. Paul when I was serving, and one of the Marines said to me, “You’ll like him, he’s a lot like you…he’s Air Force.” I had a reputation for fighting everyday when I worked at USSOUTHCOM, when people either barely survived it or just kept their head down…I was knee-deep in a pit fighting corruption and reestablishing the credibility of my office. I had replaced a SNCO who was receiving gifts and kick-backs for tours in SOUTHCOM and the AOR. I had a troop who had been sexually harrassed by him but didn’t have the courage to come forward, so I silently supported her career and her sexual orientation, where I simply advised her, “I am not asking, but I am telling you to have discretion during these times, because the world will change.”

Dr. Paul, Congressman…I have watched you over the course of these past four years. I have researched your speeches, appearances and I think I have an excellent idea of what you stand for, but dear sir, outside of the positions, we need a road map, a real plan of actionable goals that can be obtained.

It is not enough to be against the war, the Federal Reserve and to get this country going in a positive way. I know IT TAKES ALL of us, because the hearts and minds of the nation needs to change.

I travelled abroad for three years, in Europe, South Korea, and in China. I taught children and in one of the top Universities in China to learn as much as I could about what is making these people successful. To be honest, they studied us and used our greed and loves against us. The powers that be, that control the office of the Presidency of our nation…don’t want you in office. They have done everything they could to keep this country divided.

We also have done a lot of damage in this world…which many many many people spoke to me about directly, never really knowing that I was an American. When I spoke of peace, of the corporate changes we needed to make on a global front, I had the audience of the future leaders in China, from undergrad to PhD students…and I told them, “Do NOT give up. We are still breathing…and while we have breath in our bodies, we still have a chance to make this into a world we want to live in.”

To be honest, I did not want to come back to America. I came back when I saw characters like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman rise up. I came back because I did not want to see these women rise up in power. What I did not expect to see was how great our national decline was when I walked the streets of Washington DC for two months amongst the homeless. I saw people that were forced to claim an illness to receive benefits because of the lack of work. I layed in front of a church for two months talking with people, clergy, the community and went to soup kitchens, businesses (collecting food to distribute), I heard stories upon stories of how we created a system of dependence and not a system of independence. We keep the poor addicted, brutalized by the police, and I saw the elderly who were evicted because the rents were raised and so they wandered from place to place. Others hid their poverty from their own children so they wouldn’t worry about them “they have their families to raise”. I looked at our inhumanity and I thought how different this was from my sheltered existence in the Air Force where we took care of each other. We were FAMILY. We saw each other as family and expressed care and concern for those young troops trying to keep it together, but yet needed an EBT card when they had to go to the commissary.

Dr. Paul…I KNOW that the office of the President cannot make all of the changes to change our nation. The people have to make the changes. For so many years we have been at war, and one of the promises I had made to myself, was I did not want to bring a child into this world during the cold war era. When that wall came down, I had the heart beat of hope…I saw a future without nuclear weapons. So I decided I could marry, have a family…but in the last trimester of my pregnancy, on my birthday..Iraq invaded Kuwait. So I found that I had to make another promise to my unborn son. To stop these wars for oil, for profit. I wanted to serve so my son would not have to.

In my travels I spoke to many people of many nationalities….even though I had served, I never once was deployed in a war effort. I was apart of humanitarian missions. I never once had to cut orders to send a single person to Iraq or Afghanistan. It was strange, this involuntary innocence I had…because I did volunteer to go because of my initial beliefs, but quickly realized that anything based on revenge will lead to national destruction.

I know YOU alone are not the answer. WE ARE the answer and WE are the ones WE have been looking for.

I encourage you to keep standing. We all need to keep standing. The illusion of our two-party state is that we don’t have another choice…well, that’s true if we keep voting for these corporately selected personalities.

I believe in peace. I believe in people. I am NOT afraid of this world. I don’t hate anyone, but our system is driven by hate and fear and WE need to change that.

I was going to write to ask you to stay in the fight. I think I was wrong to do so, because no matter what you decide to do, you realize an important thing like Sun yet-San did, HE didn’t want to rule….HE wanted THE PEOPLE to rule.

The question for the people is are you ready to STOP hating yourselves and others? Are YOU ready to BE…WE, the PEOPLE?

Kind regards….and if it were up to me, You Dear sir, should be given the Order of the Sword. You are the seeing man in the kingdom of the blind.

Marilyn Campiz, SMSgt, USAFR (Ret)



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