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The News: Can you use it, or does it use you? | THE JEENYUS CORNER


By Erik Garcés

When you allow unfiltered information to affect your opinions, source choices and life decisions without careful examination you are allowing yourself to be controlled. Media literacy skills for all thinking people who mean to be free must include:

— The ability and willingness to make an effort to understand content, to pay attention, and to filter out facts from opinion.

— An understanding of and respect for the power of media messages so as to distinguish emotional from reasoned reactions to content and to act accordingly.

— The ability to think critically about media messages and especially a knowledge of the true language of various media and the ability to understand its intended effects.

The most fundamentally misunderstood truth of our time is the undeniable fact that all government is by consent of the governed. Therefore is ought to be clear that ANYTHING you see in the establishment media is about furthering that consent.

When you read, hear or see stories about FEMA camps, indefinite detentions, presidential executive orders, foreign troops on US soil, drones, martial law or gun confiscations, does it make you afraid? Because that is the intention. Fear.

That we know about any of this is not good reporting. It’s because someone wants you to know.



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