Bare Shelves: A Real Weapon Of War

By Erik Garcés

I study history and understand that the criminal actions of this illegitimate government are prompted by weakness and fear. We, the armed citizens out number the police and military by an order of magnitude and this does not include the oath keepers who will refuse orders. I keep repeating this because its so fundamental to everything and yet so misunderstood if even known about at all: ALL government is by consent of the governed. This is an undeniable fact of history.

In order to generate fear on the part of the people and thus generate ‘consent’, the criminals need to show that there is a threat to people’s safety. Understand that they know full well that a war against the American people is unwinnable for them. If we can see it then you damn well know they can. But these criminals do one thing well and that is planning.

They control the food.

The plan is to starve out the people until en-masse they beg for the government to ‘do something’. We know that half of all Americans do not pay taxes and about that number are on some sort of government assistance. Therefore how many do you realistically expect to fight back? During the American war for independence from Great Britain, the total percentage of colonists who actively fought the King was around 3%. Yes that’s it, 3%.

This is why education and critical thinking is so important. And why it’s not taught.

But there’s more here than just educating people on liberty versus tyranny and understanding the difference. We’ve been subjugated. So if we can sit there and argue all day long that Democrats suck on this or Republicans suck on that, then why can’t we just come out and call the facts as they stand? You must break your conditioning.

Perhaps this will put off those who aren’t ready yet to break that conditioning that society has imposed upon us, but we can reach those who do see that something is wrong. We grow exponentially each day and we must strive to get to the magic ten percent figure. Science has shown that when a minority holds a strong belief, once that group reaches 10% of the population, the belief becomes accepted as conventional wisdom and rapidly becomes a majority opinion.

This is why the State Controlled Media pushes subjects like gun control or ‘third parties can’t work’, so damn hard. Everything you see or hear is designed to generate consent. Never forget that just five corporations control nearly all the mainstream media in the US.

Today, Tea Party Americans on the right, libertarians, constitutionalists and many Occupy Wall Street people on the left all understand something is seriously wrong with the Republic. The money changers aren’t just in the temple, they control the power of the State as well, but despite the clear indications of the problem, so few can break their conditioning and connect the dots.

The clock is ticking because a collapse of the dollar, and the financial crisis and social upheaval it will cause is mathematically unavoidable. This is the chaos the criminals need to justify their hold on power. Keep in mind the creed of the Fabian Society: “From chaos… order”.

We must stress to people just how important it is to prepare for this. Food storage, for when the paper money is worthless and the supermarkets are bare. Precious metals to protect from bank failures and government imposed bank “holidays” is only prudent. Civil unrest will follow, as the millions who can barely keep a few days worth of food in the fridge start rioting over their hunger. Bringing with it the clamp down of the police state.

That’s why the DHS is calling anyone who stores food a “terrorist”, and passing out $500 million this year alone, in military hardware to local police departments. Again, this is how history has shown it goes down, each and every time the global Elites subvert a nation. We know their play book and it varies very little each time.

Don’t take my word on any of this, each fact I cite is supported by clear evidence in the public domain. And no I am not drawing conclusions, they are FACTS. Please do your own homework and see these facts as they stand. If this scares people, good. If you think I am crazy then there’s nothing that can be done for you, you will be among those who are going to be on the food lines.

If you even survive.


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