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Anne Flatte, Romney Delegate: “It’s hard to get behind someone who’s cheated so hard to win.” | THE JEENYUS CORNER


It was business as usual at the RNC today as the delegates began to arrive. First they had to enter through a sea of secret service, blackhawk helicopters and over one thousand cops. Protestors were kept in check in gulag zones and yes the TSA was there as well! The RNC is simply America writ small. We knew they would cheat we just had no idea how MUCH they would cheat.

Endless cheating at the ballot box, corrupt new laws for their own benefit, throwing away the rules (their constitution) and doing whatever it takes to stay in power, what the RNC is doing is just exactly what their elected people do in Washington DC. Abuse of power? You betcha! Stuffing the Ballot Boxes? It’s down to an art form. Control of the media? In spades. What we are really watching is all the criminality of Washington now made possible in a city state of terror.

Ron Paul successfully submitted his nomination from five states (seven if you counted Mass and Maine which had delegates illegally removed) and one territory meeting the five state requirement to be nominated. The GOP refused to recognize it even though this goes against all rules and precedent.

“It’s hard to get behind someone who’s cheated so hard to win.”

Romney delegate Anna Flatt –

The Main delegates were thrown out while others found themselves on buses being driven in circles and not allowed off by armed guards.

The Preamble

Harrassment of the Paul delegation began from the beginning. Their supporting states were sent off to bleacher seats with no microphones. All their Ron Paul signs were not allowed into the convention even though Romney delegates were able to bring theirs. One couldn’t miss the huge sixteen foot tall Romney/Ryan logo painted on the convention wall as you entered.

The rules committee met and worked out a new rule which would both grant the central committee full power to change any rule they wished at will (previously this required a vote) and also to be the ones who specify who gets to be a delegate. This would overturn the entire will of the people. They insisted this would allow them to ensure that delegates matched the straw poll vote. But the straw poll votes were easily manipulated by the people counting the vote. Only the delegate process was a counter check to cheating. Long time Republican and romney supporter Blackwell leaves to prepare a formal “minority” protest document.

Maine’s newly-elected state committeewoman Ashley Ryan, said that committee members opposed to Romney’s plan drafted two minority reports immediately after the meeting, stating their position against the changes. Republican Party rules stipulate that people have one hour to submit a minority report after a meeting of the Rules Committee, and that it must have the support of at least 25 percent of the committee.

“The rules say that you have an hour after the meeting, but within 15 minutes, we couldn’t find him anywhere,” Ryan, a Ron Paul supporter and member of Maine’s delegation, said. “Finally, we asked an RNC offical if they had seen former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu? He said, ‘John Sununu! Everyone’s looking for him! But he left the building.’”

John Sununu, chairman of the rules committee who pushed through new rules to make it impossible for a delegate fight to occur in the future claimed that by pushing the delegate process Ron Paul had undermined the votes of a million voters. They use that line rather than admit the rampant cheating in the popular vote, and as long as they can hide behind that facade they can have total control of the results. Even beyond rigged electronic voting machines, the popular vote was suppressed many ways with county election chairs reporting incorrect totals, refusing to keep any records, and of course there was Maine where they simply stopped the counting of the popular vote at 85% and left many county totals recorded as zero to get their winner in place. What Sununu is saying in effect, is they demand total right to cheat and have total control of the vote. The delegate process was a check and balance on that, and now it is gone forever.

At the same time the credentialing committee was busy voting to throw away ten of Maine’s duly elected delegates and replace them with romney supporters, tipping the scales to romney.

Meanwhile at morning breakfast meetings Paul supporters were being humiliated into giving up their positions by group think mob strategies. At the Georgia delegate morning meeting, the REFUSNIKS for Paul were required to stand while the whole room shamed them. How dare they believe in the constitution and freedom. How dare they! “Georgia has had a united vote since 1908″ she sneered like Emperor Palpatine. One could almost hear “From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the end of your insignificant rebellion.”

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