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South Carolina Grassroots Organizations Call for Real Reform | THE JEENYUS CORNER


By Karen Martin
Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina

SPARTANBURG, SC — We’ve seen how the power, the money, and politicians’ scheming to retain both have led to South Carolina having an abysmal “F” grade from StateIntegrity.org

South Carolina ranks 45th out of 50 states, receiving a grade of F in items such as Legislative Accountability, Judicial Accountability, Public Access to Information, Executive Accountability, and Ethics Enforcement Agencies.

Last week Governor Haley, Attorney General Wilson, and various members of the General Assembly put on a circus of press conferences in an effort to claim the reform mantle. Voters were not impressed, not fooled, and not happy. We the People of South Carolina do not want a repeat of last year’s failed attempt at government restructuring, which served only to put a tick mark next to elected officials’ resumes without delivering any honest attempt at true accountability and separation of powers. We the People of South Carolina have discussed reform, have given voice to reform, and are demanding that politicians give us the reform we want. We the People of South Carolina have suffered under judicial and legislative malfeasance by having our right to vote stripped, by paying our taxes only to have those monies handed over to lobbyists and corporations and legislators’ retirements, by enduring mind numbingly stupid, hours long legislative sessions arguing about vegetables while committees hide reform bills in their desk drawers because of rules they create.

The South Carolina Policy Council — independent of politicians — has spent years researching and identifying the problems, and we the people have done our homework. We have constructed an eight-point reform agenda.

The proposals last week only address a few of those essential reforms; we do not accept those limitations. We are ready to stand together as voters, activists, SC citizens, and liberty organizations across the state to let our legislators and the Governor know that we do not want them defining reform. As evidenced by the 300,000 signatures gathered to redress the wrong inflicted on us by a corrupt court and do-nothing General Assembly, South Carolina voters have proven we will no longer put up with being shuffled aside as collateral while elected officials cling to their power and shore up their legacies. We recognize that legislators will never give South Carolina true reform, it is not in their interest, they do not have the heart, will, or selflessness that it takes to let go of the power they’ve collected and give it back to the people.

We demand that the Governor and legislators cease their efforts of defining and controlling reform attempts and make it a priority next legislative session to immediately pass the reform requested by the voters in the form of the South Carolina Policy Council’s eight-point plan to take our power back.

Aiken County Tea Party

Americans for Constitutional Government

Anderson Tea Party

Campaign for Liberty

Carolina Patriots

Columbia Tea Party

Concerned Citizens of the Upstate

Congress of Hope

GPS Conservatives for Action PAC

Greenville Taxpayers Association

Lexington Tea Party

Myrtle Beach Tea Party

Palmetto Gun Rights

Palmetto Liberty PAC

Republican Liberty Caucus of SC


RINOHunt Oconee

RINOHunt Pickens

SC District 5 Patriots

Spartanburg Tea Party

We the People Aiken




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