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Mitt Romney Endorsement: Bohemian Club / Skull and Bones | THE JEENYUS CORNER


by Truthbrary

“At a campaign event in Houston, Texas, former US president George Bush Sr and his wife Barbara Bush officially endorse Mitt Romney as Republican presidential nominee. In contrast to previous comments in which Ms Bush called Romney’s 2012 campaign‘the worst I’ve ever seen in my life’

How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power

“I am just wondering how ‘bad’ a guy has to be, in order to be trusted with the darkness of a country? I mean the secrets, and those things everyone shouldn’t know… like the truth behind the Official 9/11 Story. Really, what does it take these days to be able to be comfortable with mass murder and sleep at night?”


Let me tell you, it gives me no pleasure at all to pull the lid off of a garbage pail, teaming with maggots and stench, so if you don’t like it plug your nose…

Here we have another endorsement from the Bohemian Club / Scull and Bones or from the pits of hell… or call it what you want. The truth sometimes doesn’t afford niceties
and perfumed words…
 somehow the unearthed rotting refuse stinks just the same. 
To some right is wrong, and wrong is right… and the liberal media pegs anyone with moxie enough to kick the garbage can, and not run from the flies off the crap inside… 
a lunatic fanatic birther truther and the like… but I ask, when is history going to be our teacher, so we don’t have to relive the same atrocities?

IF you are comfortable with the likes of Obama, get used to Romney… that jellyfish will make Obama look like a hero… in less time than it took Obama to bankrupt America!~ 
I feel sorry for the choices America must make this 2012, it would be laughable if we could just call them dumb and dumber…

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