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Warm Up The (Money) Presses | THE JEENYUS CORNER

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History (Photo credit: CityGypsy11)


A top official at the U.S. Federal Reserve said that this secretive, unaccountable agency has the ability to provide more “stimulus” to the sputtering American economy.

“The pace of the current recovery has turned out to be persistently slower than most observers expected,” Federal Reserve Vice Chairperson Janet Yellen said this week in Boston.

“An extended period of highly accommodative policy is necessary to combat the persistent headwinds to recovery,” Yellen continued. ”There are a number of significant downside risks to the economic outlook, and hence it may well be appropriate to insure against adverse shocks.”

Translation? It’s time to further debase our currency by printing more money – continuing a strategy that has clearly failed to do anything to stimulate the economy.



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